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  1. This is a rather long process and we will be working on it for awhile but we need to do guild missions and working on our Epheria Sailboat/Frigate. https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/sea-monster-hunting-guide.2975/ Edit- This can be done with our Epheria boats but not as efficiently. Which is why we will start with our Epheria boats then once Galley is unlocked we will be using that to increase our guild funds. The goal for This is to make our payouts large enough to make a difference and help people gear up.
  2. haha lets put it this way BDO has no level cap... Just a soft cap. But beyond that point its a grind and a half. This being a Korean MMO i think you judged the leveling system way to soon.
  3. Here are a few things I wish I knew when I started BDO! 1- Talk to ALL the npcs in each town or if you pass them on your travels. This in turn increases your energy pool for rolling on the Night Vendor (Cash sink that spawns sharps,hard,Boss gear to purchase) 2- Do the Black spirit quests all the way through! This gives you energy,contribution and inventory space! 3-Do no sell your Sharp or Hard Stones or you black stone (Armor or Weapon). You may not need them too much now but later down the road you will 4- Start making beer as soon as you can.. This will give you a supply of beer to feed your workers when your Worker Empire expands 5-Now this tip is mainly my opinion others will disagree but Memory Fragments are annoying to get later on so DO NOT sell your relic shards from fishing just keep them on an alt until you have 25-50 of them and turn them into scrolls and do them! (This will give you mem frags,Hunters seals) Now these are just 5 tips that i personally wish i knew. I'm sure there are plenty more that could be added but these are the ones that i want to pass onto you
  4. Mine is a whole new account 😄 no more pets to loot for me or nothing haha completely from scratch 😞
  5. I made a new account lastnight and im going to see how fast i can get it to around 450 gearscore.. that way im up to date on the new ways of gearing up and leveling that weren't around when i last tried. Once i hit 56 and do awakening i will be joining the guild on my new account and running it that way.
  6. from now until 10-17-18 there is an event running giving new players a chance to play the 7 day trial and reap the benefits of the full game if you can level up to 56 and complete your awakening quest this is easy to accomplish just give it a go! we are looking to grow into BDO as current attempts have no succeeded we shall push harder this time! https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/1888 The Challenge is for the division itself to be big enough to actually pick up the title of being a division.
  7. @Terra Are you sure thats it lol i tried to join the discord and no bueno
  8. Let me know what server you are in ingame i whispered you
  9. I'm gonna add Altros right now. then if you hop on tonight or in the AM hit one of us up
  10. I currently have access to the olvia servers and in less then a week i hit 450 gs on my Main. which is the usual requirement for t1 node wars. that being said pm me on here to meet up in game for a recruitment so i can start passing ranks out to OD's current members. I have refrained from recruiting until I can get a agreed upon description and kind of a generic recruitment message... but as i said previously we need to decide where we want to go but we also have to put into consideration that we need to set a course of action for that development
  11. The options for BDO Node Wars PvE LifeSkilling Seamonster hunting (Requires almost as much set up and prepping as nodewars) kinda linear but at the same time each of these options has a broad range of how they can be done
  12. I was going to post this also ty Altros 😄
  13. The Guild on BDO that is OverDosed I named ODGaming.. Figured now i need to find a gfx guru on here to help me with the gfx for icon and other stuff
  14. OverDosed is Taken OverDose is Taken need to know what else we use for names
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