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  1. Hi, I'll buy in the following days items for sorceress and a barb so I thought that I should give fg to clan members instead of d2jsp if I can. The barb will be for bo only for the moment but I plan to make him Nihlathak exclusivly later on. The sorc will be blizzard. I'm not looking for any high end stuff like fort and infinity since I don't have the budget for that but tal set could be nice. Spirit shield, basic stuff for sorc. For the mercenary, I'm looking for insight eth or not, shaft and gaze. Any torch would do, even if it's not for sorc. I start from nothing so let me know what you got. I pay with fg from d2jsp Have a good night.
  2. Zhepna(OD)


    Hi, I'm a new member. Just wanted to say Hi and that I wish to fight some demons by your side. I played for about 15 years with a few breaks. I started again 2 days ago after a break of 8 months. I only play hardcore ladder on the US east server. I prefer sorceress and necromancer but could build something else if the clan prefers something else. See you soon!
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