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  2. Bahahaha , it was all the luck of the flop of the cards bahahahah
  3. Hello! If you need anything feel free to msg me acct name *Chrisdwor Happy to help, ENJOY! welcome to clan !!
  4. Happy birthday  enjoy your day 🙂 

  5. Let’s grab some road soadies 

  6. Epic, hahaha i was wondering what u were doing when u ran through my room BAHAHAHA
  7. Happy Erffff Birffff SKOL!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Master Sergeant Chrisdwor(OD) i dunno what my forum rank is
  9. Game is awesomeeeeee and we have a awesome server!
  10. Chrisdwor(OD) SKOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. HOT HOT bath and Incense.....what i do
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