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  1. Anyone need help with anything SCL? I play afternoon/evening.
  2. I play SCL usually 1:00-9:00 or later some days.
  3. im having a good time playing but i wish I knew more active members on d2 so im finding myself playing hearthstone and diablo 3 and starcraft 2
  4. whats that anime in your avatar? looks cyberpunk style
  5. With Freezing Arrow using ICE in a +3 GMB. I changed my mind now I have two ice bows. Free to clan member if you need it! Post here / msg me in channel Voldemort(OD)
  6. It is really cool being a part of this clan. I just started doing chaos runs and I can finally solo hell mode sanctuary by myself, it is slow though without an Enigma, currently magic finding for things to sell for Enigma. I saved up a little bit of FG but Im still on the grind! I can almost afford a Jah rune!!!!!
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