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  1. bumping this, as she is streaming again, check it out! she needs some support guys!
  2. Retro gaming at its best, check her out VintageGamerChic
  3. Check her out, she is stream Breath of Fire on SNES.
  4. @GhostDog(OD) I was one of the people who voted negatively on your promo, congrats that you have passed. i would like to say that honestly my neg vote was more of a constructive criticism, then a denial of your progression in rank up, the reason i voted negative is because i felt that you did not deserve warrant officer 5 at the current time, i could have voted a null vote, but i feel that the message would got across in the same manner, even though it really does not change anything from your prior rank from wo4 to wo5, i wanted you to take in the words, and the way i felt, and the way that you were coming across to other people. I would like to also point out, most of all the other neg votes, were a form of constructive criticism in the same manner, lets be honest, you are pushing up the ranks mega fast, and i think that you will eventually get to wherever you want to be at, but only if you can accept criticism and negativity from others and use that as a way to reflect, and a way to change and do better, that also comes with understanding you will never be able to impress everyone, please, or make everyone happy. I do feel that the promotion should have stayed up and it should have not changed, because we learned from all the comments on the promotion, everything from which people really read the post, and how people react to constructive criticism, and how people react under situations they don't really know how to handle, and pulling / pushing this promotion did not change anything except making it not available for others to post their comments positive, or negative, or showing their true colors / reading the promotions or not. I know to most of you i am new to this community as well i have been here under a year, but i will say that i am looking forward to receiving positive or negative feedback, that way i can understand what i did good on, and what i can fix in the future, as i have stated before honestly it don't matter to me if i excel in ranks, i have joined OD for the community interaction, to play games and have fun, and meet new people, so for me a rank up don't really matter to me, in other words it wont hold me back from what i like doing the most. but it will make me try and correct the things that people think i am doing wrong, if i am able to. like i said before you cannot please everyone. Clearing up some questions, and Scrutiny, Did i post my negative vote following a suit of votes? = NO Am i influenced on other peoples votes? = NO Do i voice my opinion based on my own feelings? = YES Did i have a typeo in one of the sentences of my neg vote on GhostDog? = YES
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