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  1. Still need to transfer my zon gear from other account and get my Zon to Hell mode, if any1 can assist with that tomorrow.
  2. Hypothetically speaking... if you were born a banana with limbs and little googly eyes and an outrageous desire to dance, who loved animals but parent's wouldn't allow you to own any, the world around you is bleak and boring, no one else is a banana, you're the only banana. They're all a bunch of other random fruits. Always bickering and judgement, Judgmental fruits are the worst. Right? Anyways, You, being the sole banana, try to make the best of your life, you try to paint pictures and try on exciting new undergarments to pass the time, but a banana was never meant to be locked away from the world. The world should accept a banana for who a banana is. In all their yellowy greatness. I have no idea where i'm going with this, but I feel rather pleased having made you read this far into it. Now for my question: High socks or low socks?
  3. I currently do Hell runs with 500 MF. I do not pick up anything but rings and runes. If you want to join on any of my private runs while i'm online, you're welcome to nearly everything that hits the floor. This will mostly cater to newer players whom will benefit from items like Mara's, Bul-Kathos rings, Shako, etc. I will be picking up/ keeping Jah/Ber/Zod runes. I hit Tower L5, Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, and Diablo. Runs last about 15 mins in total with Diablo. If you're interested add my account name in game: TouchMe(OD) and if you see me online, just send me a message requesting to join the farm. Good Luck, Thanks for reading. Hope to see some of the new members grouping with soon! Clan Overdosed Light Sorc 40K Lightning Dmg 500 MF Can do NM/Hell rushes, Anya quest/ Ancients for whomever needs, just ask. Sorc is a bumper for Normal/Nightmare, if an officer needs a bumper, please let me know, try to gather a couple people together who need it so its not wasted on one player, Thanks!
  4. Reason being, even if i do get hit soloing hell in PVM, my mana regenerates itself most of the time with out me having the need for a potion. yeah, Mobs with mana burn can be a little annoying but i play myself to distance from them. i'll look into pure vitality.
  5. I can't wait to get home and get on Diablo.. Work work Diablo Diablo Sleep Sleep Diablo.

    1. Purplez(OD)


      Work pays the bills BUTTTTTTTTTTT D2 fills the soul hehe

  6. Why do people suggest dumping every point of your stats into vitality on a light sorc instead of going half and half with vitality/ Energy. Whats the point of having Energy Shield with 80% mana dmg absorb if you only have 600 MP. its going to drain out in a heart beat. I've been running like (After battle orders) 1-1.2K HP/ 2-2.3K mana and i don't seem to have any issue.
  7. I am interested in creating a classic sorc to help Crush new members. My Other sorc can clear anything in hell with no issue, so if i can just get them through nightmare with the Classic sorc = *Thumbs up* Ray if you can help me set up a classic sorc, let me know.
  8. Personally, i get enough strength to hold my spirit shield for W2 set buffs from CTA. Some points in Vitality, and Dump everything else in Dexterity. Currently my FaithZon runs with an Infinity Mercenary, which really is useless to the zon because Faith ignores defense. but I use him for his might buff, the Infinity does help when dealing with Physical immune enemies, my cold arrow hits a lot harder. But when i'm in a group with other members, the infinity is a huge game changer for the other classes, so if i can benefit the group, i'm all for it. Zon deals 9.4k guided arrows and 8k multi's. I do use poison sc. Run with Fortitude for the 300% dmg boost. Hell is cleared easily. Bosses are another matter. They seem to be tanky and do take some time to kill. though its far from impossible, clear speed on a boss is much less than other classes. Its just fun to use.
  9. I use a light sorc, now, stating my gear is near perfect, my sorc hits nearly 30k on a lightning with MF gear. i stack as many + skill charms in inventory as i can with the exception for 4 inventory spaces in which i carry my cube, i also have a Gheeds. I'm sitting at around 400 MF and can kill Hell Mephisto/ Diablo in 3-4 seconds. I prefer getting up close, letting my merc grab their attention then its easy, Spam 4-6 Statics, they drop to 30% and unload lightnings. at 30% it only takes 2 lightnings for me to kill Meph. Quick easy deaths, runs are extremely fast. but yes, Sorceresses are the way to go. any gear i get, i throw it in my cube, which allows me to stack skill charms. My merc runs with Infinity, reducing enemy resistances, helps drop bosses even faster. Baal is like an 8 second kill.
  10. TouchMe(OD)

    ISO Gear

    I can help you with light sorc stuff as i get more items, my light sorc is fully set. level 45 light skills, 32K lightning dmg.
  11. TouchMe(OD)

    Sin Torch

    Im building a trap sin right now. currently farming down peices before i rush her. Let me know if this is ok, if someone who's already got one built needs it, then by all means, go to them.
  12. I know for sure the new Druid - OD-Deadbeat could use a Druid Torch if you have a spare one.
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