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  1. nah had to stop during minions of destruction last time. prob get back to it tonight
  2. easily the worst place to tele in.
  3. no siege on my watch you filth have to go rescue a young lady now. Fireball is hitting like a wet noodle at this point tho.
  4. the D has fallen... the hardest challenge awaits... killing ancients without cheesing them with firewall
  5. got this from forge so i now have a couple options for merc armor. will try to ebug an armor and see from there
  6. dropped on my way to forge. hesitating if i should imbue or socket
  7. by farming full juvs and enough gold for 4 merc buyback in act 1 i was able to kill the last 2 dual immune council. one was also stone skin
  8. one council member remains. i will farm enough gold so my merc can kill him
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