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  1. sweet that's awesome work looks really great brah
  2. any word on the dbz pick
  3. one id buy blizzard and clan OD two I would give 5 grand 2 each member of OD three I would use the rest to buy items gear and forum gold 4 clan m8zs (what if anything was left id spend it on a nice house and a Lamborghini-purple of course and a sexy house maid ) lol.
  4. it means either u wear temp banned or realmed down w8 a few
  5. hows the DBZ coming along
  6. I like it but u should add the venom toon to the side of moon would be sweet heheh very very cool tho
  7. sure put me down ill do this event lmk
  8. im down if someone wants to duel me ill join the event ty lmk I am challenge ing the two spot before me
  9. awesome sauce well ty then
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