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  1. Dmon(OD)

    A baby bully

    So cute. How can you say no lol
  2. It is over but thats ok. I believe you qualify for the elite squad. @Hari(OD)
  3. Nice. Sending fg
  4. Forgot to post yesterday. 1st place gapster(OD) 2nd place @MooMoo(OD) I need jsp accounts
  5. Once I get my Galaxy wings I will be messing around with a hc necro
  6. I haven't seen anyone playing HC yet so I'm going to start this up. Starting with a new char, first person to 70 gets 100fg second gets 80fg.
  7. My off days are tue and wed so I will just have to read notes and make comments from there.
  8. I'm catching up mj
  9. Now that I know that there is a way to find them by battle tags I can start. Thank you.
  10. I didn't know that page was an option when I first made the post. But there are still others that don't have their battle tags on their profile
  11. I will do that too but that's not the point of this post. Trying to find someone's OD name from their battle tags is what I am after.
  12. As long as the battle tag is there it shouldn't matter. I just think it will be easier to deal with promotions and mrdsls.
  13. We need a list of people's battle tags and their OD names. I know some are easy to figure out but some are not. Some made their battle tags before they joined OD. oathkeeper#1335/dmon(OD)
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