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  1. My battletag is oathkeeper#1335 if anyone wants to add me.
  2. All I seem to be doing anymore is logging to the forum and website on my phone. I love playing with everyone but my job just doesn't give me much time. I will consider coming back if and when I can get a better schedule or different job that allows me to play more than once or twice a month. Thanks for all the good times. I will try and get all my gear in d2 passed along to members later this week. No point in letting it go to waste.
  3. If I dont fall asleep first I will be there tomorrow.
  4. I am starting the season off with a paladin. Going to start as an auradin with plans to switch to zeal/smiter.
  5. That could be fun. To bad you can't use all the good rune words on single player unless that has changed recently
  6. i may check this out after the reset since its less than a month away
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Dmon(OD)


    I will be making a new sin. I just want to get a few things done on my sorc first.
  9. Dmon(OD)


    Lost my assassin today. Died in NM Trav after I killed the council. The last one exploded and killed me. Was lvl 60
  10. Dmon(OD)

    A baby bully

    So cute. How can you say no lol
  11. It is over but thats ok. I believe you qualify for the elite squad. @Hari(OD)
  12. Nice. Sending fg
  13. Forgot to post yesterday. 1st place gapster(OD) 2nd place @MooMoo(OD) I need jsp accounts
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