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  1. Song of the Day: Dragula - Rob Zombie This is the earliest song I can remember enjoying, hearing it on twisted metal. It really started it all. My music taste have grown a lot since then and I hope yours has too. I'm going to take a little break, I haven't gotten to enjoy a lot of the full albums these songs come from and I would like to. I'll be back with more music in a few months. I hope when I do return you guys will tell me more about what songs you do and do not like.
  2. Song of the Day: Smoke and Mirrors - Kikagaku Moyo
  3. Song of the Day: The Rat - The Walkmen
  4. Song of the Day: Heavy/Like A Witch - All Them Witches
  5. Song of the Day: In Every Dream Home a Heartache - Roxy Music
  6. Song of the Day: Earth Over Us - Hexvessel
  7. Song of the Day: Love You to Death - Pallbearer Love You to Death - Type O Negative I found a cover song!
  8. Song of the Day: Gettin' Tighter - Deep Purple
  9. Song of the Day: Skin - Marriages
  10. Song of the Day: Venus - The Exorcist GBG
  11. Song of the Day: La Mer - Nine Inch Nails
  12. Song of the Day: Nothing Left to Lose - The Wipers
  13. Song of the Day: The End - Beta Machine
  14. Do you have any favorites so far? I hope more people come to this thread
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