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  1. Maybe, but I'm not very experienced and FPS style games have never been my strong suit. I suck pretty bad at it and I don't see myself getting much better too quickly. However, the thing that I love about OW is that it's fun even if you suck at it. I guess that's an option I can take. I'm used to other clans that will dump you based on game-activity. So I figured I'd be open about it and see what happens. I'm not leaving until I have to.
  2. Officers and above can take this as they will. This is not really about leaving the clan, as much as my weakening of interest in Diablo II. I don't wish to resign as much as just be transparent about my actual activity on Diablo II lately. But if my inactivity on Diablo II means I should be deactivated, then they can take this as a real resignation. I've just gotten to a point where I realize that I don't have the schedule (or active friends that can work with my schedule) to enjoy Diablo II the way I'd like to. I told DBZ to message me whenever there was a clan duel game up and I was working when he did. Every time there's a PvP event I'm interested in, it always happens during my work or sleep rotation. I find myself in the same position as before I joined the clan, resorting to joining public duel games, dealing with BM douchebags, and logging off within 90 minutes of it. I'm also not the kind of person that likes camping in baal runs for hours on end. I have to muster a whole lot of patience just to reach level 90, let alone any further than that. So it's very easy for me to get burnt out and lose interest. I joined the clan, because I'm very interested in playing more Diablo II if I could be part of something that offered something better than the usual "Pub PK" and Baal-run grinding. But it seems my new job won't allow such a thing to work out. I did just get a brand new PC with some pretty good specs. I've been playing PUBG, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch here lately, now that I have a PC that will run them smoothly. My interest in Diablo II as of late is up in the air though.
  3. Dreg(OD)


    Only one person? 😢
  4. Dreg(OD)

    Selling Chars

    That circlet is unbelievable... That eth fools claw is no joke either.
  5. Dreg(OD)

    Selling Chars

    Heh. That would be awesome. I wouldn't sell the circ though.
  6. Dreg(OD)

    Selling Chars

    Whew. Yeah, that's definitely a little above my budget. The max I could justify to my wife would be 1500-2000 ($50-70) range. Especially after I just blew $330 on a new PC.
  7. Dreg(OD)

    Selling Chars

    Just curious what you're asking for Ghost. I actually just leveled and rushed a sin to try Ghost for the first time. I've always been a Lite Sentry guy, but wanted to try something new and challenging.
  8. Dreg(OD)


    Just wanted to see how many member would be interesting in playing a private server?
  9. That's a nice alternative, but the reason I go with Sigon is for the 30 mana on helm and the extra AR.
  10. Dreg(OD)

    OD goes LLD!

    You might say "Well a charger could do it". I'm not saying it's impossible for an 18 charger to kill a 30 hammerdin, but I AM saying it's very unlikely and involves a LOT of luck. There are 4 of layers of luck involved in that scenario. 1. The charger needs to not get killed by the hammerdins field of hammers before he even lands a hit or is done with his 2+ needed hitchecks. 2. Charges very first hitcheck has to land (As in Attack Rating vs Defense), or the charger is dead already. 3. Even if the hitcheck lands, there's the hammerdins 75% block that will likely stop it. 4. There's no 18 that can 1-hit a hammerdin with 1200+ HP. So the second hitcheck has to land and not get blocked as well. If the charger catches the hammerdin running, then the hammerdin isn't trying to win. All he has to do is sit & spam. Anything else is a hand-out or handicap. So while it's possible, it's ridiculous odds and crazy to say that the 18 is comparably as good as the 30.
  11. Dreg(OD)

    OD goes LLD!

    I am with Slum here. Yes. The average high-end 9er does 150-300 damage and they're ALL melee. Mostly Sacrifice, Jab, and Bash builds. The average high-end 9er also has about 400-600 HP The average high-end 18 does 400-800 damage, and has 600-900 HP... again, pretty much all melee. Key items that have a 12-16 level requirement like Twitchthroe and Angelics make this gap is even wider. There's absolutely no way for a high-end 9er to duel a high-end 18 and expect to win. The same applies to 18 vs 30, except it's even worse with the plethora of casters opening up. There's absolutely no way a properly geared level 30 hammerdin should ever EVER lose to an 18 or even a 21 for that matter. In fact, given even just a little bit of desynch practice, a 30 hdin shouldn't even get hit once, let alone beaten, because 18-21's don't have much mobility and they're all melee. This applies to virtually any 30 caster, but especially to hammerdins. But then you look at 30 melee and there's no way. More hitchecks, more HP, weapons literally twice as damaging enhanced by skills literally twice as damaging. The overall damage output is quadruple and the amount of HP is double. No way. 30's can beat 80's & 90's (After all, I have a youtube video up of me doing just that), but certain factors make that kind of thing exclusive to 30+. 9 vs 12 vs 18 vs 30 is pretty rigid. You might make a case for 18 vs 21, but that's it.
  12. Dreg(OD)

    OD goes LLD!

    1. Mostly 30, but I know a few 9, 12, and 18 builds as well. Not interested in MLD, however. 2. Due to my erratic activity, I can only engage in PvP whenever it's convenient. So I would do it purely for fun. 3 A) I have extensive experience in LLD, but I'm also not an expert on every build either. I stick to what I like, WW barbs, Hammerdins, Bone Necs. 3 B) Not interested in leadership. My activity doesn't make me cut-out for it.
  13. The standard barb build I used on west went like so -Grief Zerker 40%ias (This is important, as anything less than 40%ias will make you have to have ias on gloves iirc) Phaseblade is nice, because it's guaranteed max ias (With my setup) regardless of ias roll on Grief. However, PB has poor range, meaning a lot less hitchecks = overall a lot less damage. As long as your Griefz has 40% ias, it's better than a PB. -Beast Zerker Shield barbs worked nicely on classic, not so much on expansion except for BvB. The problem is the radical rise in defense on characters compared to classic and the huge nerf WW got in expansion. Because of this, Beast is without a doubt the best option that isn't an Eth Self-rep 200ed Fools Zerker. The Fanaticism aura gives you the attack rating and damage boost you need and that's compounded by the dual wielding bonus and Griefs hidden damage factor. Stormshield is still a good item to have stashed for certain occasions, but Beast should be your main offhand. Enigma vs Fortitude Which one you use depends on what you plan on using the barb for. -There's no question that in PvP, Enigma is a no-brainer if your barb isn't BvB -Fort is a no brainer if you're BvB or if he's just a walking support tank in PvM -Enigma, however, is a necessity if you want to do anything that requires speed and mobility, like rushing I suggest Enigma personally. Gear Helm: Arreats Face Ammy: Highlords Ring 1: Ravenfrost Ring 2: AR/Str/Dex/Res or Stone of Jordan Gloves: Magefist if using Enigma, Immortal Kings if using Fort Belt: Arach if using Enigma, Verdungo if using Fort Boots: Goreriders Inventory Depending on your budget, you can go with GC's for low budget and SC's for high-end. 3/20/20 SC's are the best charms there are for a barb, period. You could spend a bit less (But still a lot) on 3/10-19/10-19, but it adds up and makes a big difference (In a bad way) You could go super-low-budget and get 10/50-70/15-30 life GC's Unfortunately, the charms make or break your barb. If you go cheap and go with the GC's, you'll get what you pay for: A barb that does more damage, but dies way too easily. If you go all 3/20/20 SC's, you'll be a solid tank and that means surviving a lot longer to make up for that loss of damage anyways. The more you spend on your charms, the better the barb. It's pretty much a "pay-to-win" character in PvP.
  14. @Terra I feel like a lot of that was aimed at what Altros said. We seem to be on the same page as far as "removing plebeians from the debate" goes. I don't mean to go all moral grandstanding here, but I grew up dirt poor lowest class as a child and young adult. I had a father that lectured me non-stop about humility and the arrogance of others. Always pointing to others and saying things along the lines of "Don't be like that person, be better than that. They're cocky and arrogant and that's not good". It has made such an impression on me, that arrogance, in any form or to any degree, really triggers me. There are few things in this world that trigger my hatred as much as the pompous, condescending, and arrogant. That said, the idea that it's okay to discriminate the input of others in discussion because they're "plebeians" does not go over so well with me. It's a stance of arrogance and I refuse to accept it as a legitimate position.
  15. And you've made good points here. The idea of the write was to convey a philosophy, not to argue objective truth, so as long as it conveys the message well, it does its job. I haven't gotten around to changing it, because I got forced into overtime and am trying to enjoy my days doing other things, but I do plan on it... someday. lol As for Ray. I am done responding. He went from mostly serious with a touch of sarcasm, to half-serious and snide, to just plain snide. No point in continuing when there's that much disrespect involved for the conversation.
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