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  1. Greetings! I hosted my first 5 chaos runs on the channel today. I want to thank the folks who joined and supported :-) . You guys rock! One thing I noticed is that despite the epic level support a few characters did die in game, so I was wondering if there's a guide to reduce the chances of this happening -- ie: the best place to open the first tp, where monster groups usually spawn and stuff like that. If you know of anything like this could you drop a link to it? Thanks!
  2. For anyone else running into my error: My particular issue seems to happen only on the mac version of Diablo. Windows - infact a windows VM on the very same macbook - works perfectly. Blizzard support was helpful, went back and forth with a lot of troubleshooting steps, but were not able to provide a solution for mac.
  3. Purplez, That's terrible. I hope you can get your keys claimed somehow. Luckily I did claim my 16 digit keys several years ago. Mine appears to be a different problem, but probably caused by the same update, given the timeline :( . I raised a support ticket with Blizzard and they walked me through some trouble shooting steps... No fix given so far. I don't think even buying new keys will solve my problem. I'm just hosed :-( . The wierd thing is that every 100 or so tries, I can get through and sign on.
  4. Anybody else having trouble getting to the login screen? Im having an issue where I get the error: "Unable to connect to Battle.net". This happens most of the time, but every so often -- like every 50-100 tries it goes through and I'm able to login. Once logged in it works perfectly until I close the game and the next time I have to login, I have to try 50+ times again before getting the sign in screen. This started yesterday. Anyone else having similar issues?
  5. By the way you can do this with every quest boss, including Baal and Diablo. However, rumor has it that nihinl and countess keys are less likely to drop if glitched this way.
  6. Hi Hectic, Great initiative. What kind of stuff do you keep? Asking so that I can keep a look out and not charsi or drop anything useful :P
  7. If you guys are doing a crush, could you let me know? I'd like to join.
  8. Oh yeah, it's absolutely my fault for not checking. I'm not arguing with that . I was heartbroken to see the game over screen after investing 80 levels into my assassin.
  9. Hey Game Runners! Thanks so much for hosting legit chaos and baal runs. One request from me: If you are doing a quest kill of baal or diablo as a public run please could you inform the other gamers that it is being done for quest? The reason I ask this is because some of us try to keep the quest of either diablo or baal as not completed so that we get better drops from the quest glitch. I've enjoyed following you guys on the channel. Especially the wonderful Hectik(OD). Thanks for the friendly runs and easy xp! You guys are great :-) .
  10. I'm pretty sure I have: Tal's Armor Tal's Belt You can have both for free. If you have any trapsin/rift kicker gear or uber zealer / smiter gear I would appreciate it. Drop me a message in game: Alterlife(OD)
  11. Hey Sassy, I wasn't aware that I was being recruited by a celebrity :-) . I don't PVP at all, and it will take some time for me to get used to your accents, please don't mind if I don't speak a lot on TeamSpeak at least for now. Pleasure to meet you too, Trysts :-) !
  12. Type, Rey, Purple and HO Thanks for the warm welcome :-) .
  13. I wandered into a Diablo 2 Chaos game today among the bot infested games of Diablo 2. Finding a game full of characters prefixed with "OD", I made the immediate assumption that I was following a bunch of bots. Imagine my shock when they're talking to each other as real humans do :D . I'm newly back to D2 after a long break. I play for about an hour or so every other day. I'm a software engineer from India and a full time dad. When Diablo 2 came out, I was in college, so you can guess how old I am. Its great to be here, and I look forward to running into you guys online. The bot apocalypse must end. Survivors unite!
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