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  1. Happy birthday bro!

  2. Welcome, Justin! Hope you're enjoying the clan so far.
  3. Welcome Nowell! Sadly I recently quit HC, but still looking forward to seeing you around. Hit me up anytime bud.
  4. Welcome to OD, Cwade! Nice to meet you bud.
  5. I can provide a free crush for members in need as well if you want to add me to the list, Cindy.
  6. I've still got a thing or two that I can toss to someone in need as well. Just lmk.
  7. Happy Birthday bro! Hope it's a good one.

  8. Welcome to the clan. Seen you in the channel but haven't yet played with you. Looking forward to it.
  9. HO(OD)


    Welcome, Anthony. Looking forward to meeting you in-game.
  10. HO(OD)


    Welcome to the clan! Look forward to meeting you bud.
  11. Lol that was awesome! Great job to all of you.
  12. Happy Birthday man!

  13. Hey bud! Was fortunate enough to be there when you were recruited and look forward to playing with you more. Welcome to Clan OD.
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