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  1. After all the shit you caused you waited till now to do this? It would have been a gift if you left before crying about getting a neg vote. Now you're just once again pissing people off because you couldn't simply leave without throwing another shot at Julie ( which is very ill timed i might add ) Anyways.. Adios. Enjoy walking your dam dog.
  2. lol not sure when the private baals happened. we gave rushes to whomever asked. Many people could vouch for that. I have always helped anyone that has asked me and always will. as for the bot. that is a hard no. and if you wanna accuse this isn't the place. Besides its not an OD account so what would it matter? And I'm leaving.
  3. lmao well this one truely makes me laugh. 1. Sov and I carried the HCL div for the first 2 months of ladder while you were afk getting promoted to officer hanging out with your new gf. You made plans to be in a walk with us and peaced out before it even began. Id say the same about you being an officer but you jumping to the defense of none other than your lover whom you name every character after kinda answers the question. You had your nose so far up someones ass it didn't if you were around or not to be promoted. And yes i went afk a little playing some other games because being a single parent i only have so much time to play. And carrying a division for someone who afk'd from the start while they get promoted didn't do it for me. Either way. Not sure why you even comment on this, you left OD already. let someone else in peace. clearly. I've kept a low dsl my whole time here.
  4. So I think everyone knows how I feel about the way the leadership of this clan is going. I have voiced my opinions a few times, but why not once more before i go. I have enjoyed my time in OD a lot. I have met some great people that i will continue to game with for a long time I'm sure. With that being said, I am choosing to leave because the leaders in this clan are clearly scared of change. It seems as though if thing 1 and thing 2 cant't control people like they do certain colours then they push real hard to make sure they don't succeed. Then along comes the AFK squad. They pvp play poker, Sell fg and then bm people for having a sense of humour. I feel bad for leaving Rick to fend for himself in the HCL div but I'm sure ill still see you around seeing as no one else really plays lol. . #Clanada #wwtd
  5. Hi I'm Gay, Well for starters.. didnt take but two lines for you to jump to her defense. Typical. Lets demote our most productive and promising Senior Officer because he made a post that was most accurate about another officer. That should make him be even more motivated to become an even better leader.... (sarcasm) But hey, without screenshots of proof i guess we are all innocent. Same goes for the botters that are sneaky enough to not make public games. To be honest i joined under a year ago so i know that mr 2005 will probably shit on me here but i really dgaf. I joined because Ray, Julie and the gang had a good group going for d2. I played hard with them since being here. In that whole entire time Terra has done nothing but make people miserable as far as i can see. You just shit on everything that isn't purple or your own. Going through the ranking has been fun but i have seen how this is going. Once you hit a certain point you become deadlocked without the support of the AFK squad and the biased commanders. Having a sense of humour pretty well shits on your chances at advancing. Never mind thinking for yourself... that's forbidden. Im sure ill be disabled after this because no one dare say anything about Terra and Purplez without getting punished. Ill continue to play with all the good gamers i met here if that's the case.
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  7. more fun to blow up the dams with explosives 🙂
  8. ill make an hdin again more than likely.
  9. Hectic(OD)

    On game

    it is really seeming so. We need more people that play past the first two months of ladder lol. I guess this is what JSP and bots have done to the game.. When we starting the Diablo Immortal div? lmao
  10. thanks for the help top get me started @Hari(OD)
  11. TinOfAug#1454 just started a toon named Hectic. figured id join in on some fun. Haven't opened this game in some time.
  12. love this idea! Ill have my son that weekend but will still try and grind as much as possible 🙂
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