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  1. Welcome to OD hope to play with you on d2 some
  2. Hey all, i joined back in 2018. Stopped getting on bnet and wwnt inactive in clan. Maybe close to 2 months ago i logged on battle.net out of bored and curiousity to see how active it was. Saw that OD was still up and the only active clan. This didn't surprise me at all. I decided to get back into d2 so I idled my OD account in channel although not asking to rejoin yet, i wanted to make sure i would actually stick around. Then one day me and Sassy talked and i rejoined. My main goal/reason for starting back with d2 was to attempt to try pvp. Never gotten into it before. At first i was set on LLD but I don't think I can really afford it right now. Plus I want to play a bracket that is active. If i made a lld char only for it to sit, i'd probably lose interest. So maybe high level? Now heres my dilemma, PoE season starts in a few days. To save fg for that or make my dueler 😂. Anyway its good to be back. I've been trying to help other d2 players, was giving free HCL gear to members until both my sorc & hdin RIP'd lol. Also i have the character named Overdosed. If any higher up wants it for the clan. Maybe load it on OD-Runs bot. Its free. I've had a couple of people on d2jsp who I believe PK'd OD members ask for it. I just name an outrageous amount 😁 Anyway here some of my info, i couldn't find my old introduction thread. Aliases: Omen, priest.de, Psycho, P$Y, ensyde PoE: ensyde0 Xbox: hSb Root Games on xbox: apex, gta, overwatch, pubg Bnet 2.0: Omen#1464 Believe thats about it. Oh and call me Darius or Omen. Noticed i've been mixed up with psyzach(OD) Good day 👍👍
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