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  1. If i'm online (Discord, TS3, D2, PoD) i'll always stop what i'm doing to video record an accused OD botter for concrete proof. Hit me up if you'd like this ^.^
  2. I'll try to be there. Hi im gay. Also, @sassy try to use a . or , every now and then. XD
  3. #1 trader NA/EU This man knows everything you would need to know about trading, however he plays the game to trade, so he may have a different perspective than you might, but he has all the knowledge. I was a M18 trader before i quit, so i know alot but this man knows it inside and out.
  4. I used to play this game, I was a pretty top-tier player. Morrolan has a very in-depth knowledge of workers and many life skills in BDO. This is a very good guide for the serious BDO player. I haven't played in about a year, and this video might be outdated but a lot of the info will still be relevant. Node guide video: His youtube channel for other guides: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC130oC2JmKYmdPQhJ2tVLog His Twitch.tv channel for more interactive questions: I believe he still plays BDO as main game. Twitch is a treasure trove of information for games like BDO. Check it out if you wish to know more about the game Cck out his
  5. no t/c tele?! ur not as tryhard as i had thought. I am dissapointed!
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