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  1. still looking for duels with @MooMoo(OD) and @DBZ(OD) lmk when you guys are on, post here since i dont see you in game too often, unless Aarons too busy with d3 haha 🙂
  2. 3-2 me vs froggie @MooMoo(OD) i'm ready when you are 🙂
  3. 3-1 vs Raged(OD) challenge @Froggie420(OD) and @DBZ(OD)
  4. just saw this sorry lol, ill still take you up of course if it isnt too late 🙂 lmk when you're on. @Daterminaytah(OD)
  5. OD account name: Shark(OD) D2jsp account name: SharkDW
  6. Street vendor style? haha they're always good. I am not of fan of working in the city though!
  7. It's a solid thought no doubt, certainly worthy of consideration. Unfortunately as mentioned, it doesn't contain metal. But as above, you already have one, so adding an infinity will be extrememly nice! And of course since you are a necromancer don't forget about lower resist!!! If you need help obtaining inifinity on SC lad/nl feel free to reach out!! :😄 P.S. Don't forgot the 50% poison boost on bramble. I'm not really a posionmancer master so im not sure how efficient this is vs teleporting on this particular character, but it is certainly a thought.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. nice, ty for the link bud 🙂
  10. Loath nails are nice, make sure you hang on to those!
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