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  1. Howdy Hardcore clannies! I've seen there was a thread for reset team and saw that it seemed filled with 8 players & wasn't aware if there will be a second team so decided to start new thread just incase. I will likely be starting off with a Hammerdin but can be flexible depending on what's needed & everyones desired builds. If we get a second full team together we can play private, or if not can play public as well, whichever is voted more in favor by the majority of those participating in this team! please post your build & any ideas/concerns you have for the squa
  2. Salutations clan Overdosed & thank you for having me and taking the time to read my introduction today! I was recruited today on June 14th 2018 by RAY(OD) and will eagerly be awaiting to hit the ground running on the reset soon beside all of you. I will be going back to Hardcore Ladder for this reset but will be more than happy to help anybody transition to HC at any point in the season if they have the slightest interest even if only to make one character. I was smitten by this clans standards & morals which I align perfectly with myself as I believe in practicing integrity first even
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