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  1. I am game. I have the day off to prep and will be going monk or necro. (I am test leveling a necro today and again tomorrow to see if I want to make it my main for a season)
  2. Hey I know I have not been around as much as I have liked or help out as much as I would have liked. So I want to see what I can do to help with a solid and fast season start. 1. Who all would like to group? 2. Should we group by Class for gear share? 3. Should we group by gear main stat? Thoughts?
  3. I am going to play either Monk or Necro. I almost always play Monk as I love the class but was thinking about going Necro since it is my least played. Anyone want to group up Friday for a better start?
  4. By far it was my personal favorite but I am sure that will change as they continue. Also I am really looking forward to Season 18 not that I left my old shitty job and will have time to play lol
  5. Hey wanted to let you know I am still around. Changed jobs and have lots of training for the new one. I will do my best to be on in my free time!
  6. That weekend is my wife's 40th and 10 year cancer free party, so I will not be able to attend those dates and times if I value my life lol
  7. I am still willing to help, just don't have the time to be Division Lead (Medical and Work).
  8. Thank you, but now I am not sure if I am going Wizard or Crusader #gamerproblems Also as normal for everyone I will be power leveling people as as I can. Here is to a great Season 17
  9. Sadly I will not be on till about 8pm, so about 3 hours after start due to a medical appointment. I play on being a Wizard and will be looking free to team up.
  10. I am going to go Meteor Wizard first, Wave of Light Monk second.
  11. Just wish I had more time right now to try and get more things going. Thankfully that changes the 1st Monday in may as they hired me help finally lol
  12. Zenbuddha(OD) Zenbuddha#11309 Paragon 843
  13. I talked to Blizzard and they do not have anything in place like that for D3 sadly.
  14. Looking for a season 14 start team. I will be going Crusader this season. I will be on opening night for about 10-12 hours and all week end minus sleep.
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