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  1. Hi guys, those of you that signed up meet in channel: OD Reset
  2. Hey Parunga, Glad you got recruited buddy, and welcome to clan OD! Hopefully we can some games on HCL
  3. Hello all, Thanks for the warm greetings! Thanks to all who voted for me getting 10 votes+!
  4. Hey hey, whats up! add me to the group Ophirean(OD) I'll be playing an amazon (Javazon build). Thanks!
  5. Hello, I would like to introduce myself, My name is Ophirean(OD), I have just been recruited by Willturnip(OD) in the Diablo 2 division! I just just bought the game today, and that last time I played this game was back in 2004, which was a very long time ago! So I'd like to share the backstory on how I came to join OD today. So after purchasing the game today I logged into B.net and joined a game, where I met Willturnip(OD), he was very helpful! He gave me items and added me as a friend and told me if I needed help I could whisper him. I was just shocked to encounter such a friendly player within a few min of logging in to play. So after the encounter and him helping me out he left and, I left to make a new game. I played solo for a good 2 hours until I got to Act2 and died by the hands of the summoner.... When that unforeseen incident took place. I realized that I should of been with a group or asked Willturnip(OD) for help. So after the death of me. I whispered Willturnip(OD), now here I am a new recruit in your Clans ranks! and hope to stay and become a permanent member in clan OD!
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