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  1. I too am in the process of working on an uber smiter so we will have more runs going for clan members. Props to you man! If you need a rush I can do norm, nm, and some of hell, just takes a little right now x)
  2. Yeah, I'm just not willing to clear out characters full of uniques and stuff unless its resetting x) Always down to donate and constantly am, but full characters... ahaha I tried pvp a little.. got rekt. I'ma have to look into that a little more
  3. I can cover Freight's spot as a fire sorc.. I'll be in the TS around 4:30pm PST
  4. I've known about the Andy and Meph one, but never knew you could do it with the others. Thank you so much for putting this out! I've already spread this info to a few of my friends =]
  5. Kokesmush(OD)

    Reset team

    I did also. I asked for a PM and some more info but nothing. I guess I'll just hop in the TS later
  6. Thank you! Just figured I'd give back instead of just deleting with the items on the characters x)
  7. What are you guys doing to fill your time? I have been clearing all of my character and donating my stuff to noobs. I have been providing bumps for fellow clan members for those that wanna get chars into hell And also pking bots with xtimus ;D Here's how some of my games looked like
  8. I will definitely be showing you guys as soon as it's done! =D If you follow my snapchat you can see the process, but I wouldn't suggest it unless you want my stories poppin up also x.x
  9. Also just realized that people are going to act like it's their first time playing Diablo2 again with the way people want to loot things. I don't mean char-specific items.. i mean gems and charms and jewels.. Here come the sticky fingaz ;D
  10. So from the posts, there are a lot of people running with a lot of other people. I'm not sure what group is who's, so I'll hop in teamspeak around 4:45pm PST and wait it out with you guys and go from there. Looking to make any variation sorc, or druid, or paladin or javzon. Let me know either by PM in here, or add me in D2 and msg me "Kokesmush(OD)"
  11. Kokesmush(OD)

    Reset team

    Yo Sled, hit me up if you need a slot filled. PM me on here or something. I'll make any variation sorc, or druid, or paladin, or javzon
  12. I'm going to make a stencil tonight and spray one out tomorrow for when i stream the reset =D
  13. That's freakin awesome man! Props to you guys for establishing that! Keep it up =]
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