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  1. Not sure why But i suppose i am in the feels this morning... I am thankful for being alive and waking up each morning my life these past few years have been a battle. My grandmother is still currently in the hospital battling Leukemia she gets blood everyday hence she can't leave. I on the other hand...can leave. I thank each and everyday I am alive. And i thank my family for being there for me with my struggles. And all the issues that i have with my health. I know its hard..but my small family sticks by my side. And i'm grateful each and everyday for being alive and being able to make new me
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  3. I still play on and off 96 smiter and 96 pvp necro
  4. I would like that i never sent a MASS d2 msg before id like to do that as well I assume i must do it from the other overdoses clan page and not on these forums??
  5. True i feel you on that...i think i know what the issue is though. Not everyone is active on the forums. So a lot of people just don't see this post lol?? idk
  6. Bump? lol Anyone active we should have a HC Od channel i think keep Clan OD as home have other one optoinal for when we do baal runs or ppl wanna look for Hardcore members i see a lot more people on HC now but a few aren't active on the forums. I'm on the discord always hit me up!!!
  7. Thanks for your impute that's all i wanted. Anyone else have any thoughts? We could set a date and time and see who shows up and go from there.
  8. Thanks to Gagen i have enchant gear so IF anyone needs an enchant and i'm online ..pretty much online everyday. Let me know msg Goten(OD) Also i see so many HCL member. I haven't met half of Yall. Not sure if everyone is active on the forums but i suggest a meet and greet? I'm sure between all of us we could FILL 2 or 3 priv games for full baal runs...low lvl duels ( hehee ) and anything else we need...trading...ect...gear we want and or need stuff were looking for. I know the CLan OD channel is filled with softcore players always and its hard to...filter through it al
  9. Add me Goten(OD) Pally hammerdin or conviction w/e is needed
  10. Yes please let me know add me we can play since your playing on pc i never really played the first one or beat it either but this 2nd one is good the 4 player co-op makes it even more fun.
  11. Does anyone play and or plan on playing Dark souls remastered that comes out tomorrow? Also does anyone game on xbox one and play state of decay 2? Let me know!! GT: Darica
  12. Hello long time lurker.....very long time but new member Recruited by: Purplez(OD) Anyways hello to all I play HC D2 lets gooo!!
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