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  1. Captian Please and Thank You.
  2. Question #1 - Can you elaborate on what this would look like in your opinion? Question #2 - What are some examples of ideas that could come to fruition? Great eval, You have my support.
  3. Rick, Thank you for your service here in Clan OD and The United States of America and for the great Eval.
  4. This is a giant statement man, Not allowing pride to get in the way of judgement is a quality I have much respect for. True power is restraint ~ Warren Buffet. Thanks for posting and good luck with the tax season.
  5. This is a giant strength to know this about yourself, It is not solely about a moment in the path we are on, but more the journey that gets us to our goals, one can only admit failure and defeat when we choose not to continue to pursue our destiny. I at times have found solidarity and peace with in the community and its members here for sure. I see no problem with being a Freebird , I can appreciate a good Lynard Skynard tune for damn sure. They don't make them like that anymore. Question : What is a new example you could envision bringing members together with a com
  6. Thank you for your in depth, passionate, well thought out responses and the time investment that they take.
  7. You have my full support for your *2 star, You have earned it with your integrity, loyalty, leadership, personabilty, dedication and honesty just to name a few. Not to mention you have met the requirements at one time or another of the next rank, the pleasure truly has always been mine spending time gaming or chatting with you.
  8. Terra, Although we have never talked directly I appreciate your effort and time you put towards making OD a great clan and gaming community with little or no personal benefit or may I say for a greater good, something bigger then oneself. Question 1 : What issues would you have with relinquishing your position to a candidate that could be better suited to carry out your duties, tasks, responsibilities and your legacy? Question 2 : Do you have a response to my thoughts on this statement? "It is not me that is complicated, more often it is the situations and
  9. Pursuit of LvL 99, GL @JuJu(OD). Thanks for the runs guys!
  10. @Wine(OD) Great job! And to all the other runners, it is much appreciated.
  11. Da Wolf, My Bestfriend uses that handle also in life and on gaming. Welcome to the clan!
  12. Thank you for all the runs guys! @JuJu(OD), @FollowMe(OD)
  13. You 2 fighting for the lead. @JuJu(OD) @Clutter(OD). Great job!
  14. Hello Simon and welcome to the clan.
  15. Welcome to the clan and thanks for the introduction.
  16. Sign me up. Thanks for hosting, All the contributions and hardwork all. MineNotYour(OD) / SledHead@JSP
  17. Thanks for posting R.I.P My dear Julie.
  18. Great job, Thanks for the runs guys.
  19. Welcome to the Clan, Thanks for the intro.
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