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  1. happy bday big guy

  2. Try to stick it out a bit like @SuNSeT has mentioned, You are a great member - You make OD a better place. But, if you cannot and decide it is the right decision, It has been a pleasure gaming with you and i wish you the best going forward on your future endeavors. Good Luck
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. GhostDog, May you find peace in your next endeavors. It was a pleasure to have gamed with you, Civility plays a great deal to ones character.
  5. I am game for whatever is needed, Just let me know where I can be of assistance. Take care, Brian
  6. I figured I would start a thred simply congratulating recent promos as I didnt see anything simular to a topic like that. Not to say it doesn't exist πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and also not to take any hard work, determination and earned stripes away from promotions that were prior to this thred. 😁😁☺that said......please feel free to post and always keep in mind each and everyone of you have a part in making Clan OD a special place to share great a gaming experience, real friendships,compassion and support equal to no other place take care, Brian. @MooMoo(OD) Aaron, Congrats on the rank up to General man. Best of luck going forward!
  7. Keep going up in the number of zeros there and we might have a deal, Good luck on your investments! Happy b-day @TXcold(OD)

  8. Well we sure did, So nice to get away, All that fresh air and and the fishing was just Spectacular ~ Made some memories forsure! ....We are a little rough around the edges but softies for the ones we love and hard when we need to be, And didnt know I could still blush, You bring out the best in people dear Cindy, I am grateful for you! @Purplez(OD)
  9. Here is a great day out one the lake! Brother on the left, Me in the middle and our charter guide on the right. We caught a 4 man limit of walleye. The additional picture is a nice one my brother hooked up, we caught and released well over 75 walleye and sauger in two days of fishing.
  10. What he said @DBZ(OD)...If you need help let me know!
  11. Sorry this is a little late in response. Brother, We are grateful to have you...... Our higher power shall never give us more then we can bear and that what does not kill us make us stronger and wiser! For me I try my damnest to stick to the maxim of "Always working on the next right decision and/or plan, action" and practice being mindful, I feel it improves my quality of life and the relationships of the ones around me that I care about, Family or Friend. There will be struggles but remember if your going through hell don`t slow down and the devil will never even know your there! I am also grateful for this great community we call Clan OD. @SeeD(OD) Congratulations my Friend! ~Sled
  12. Thanks for your Kindness, Time and keeping Clan OD a great place... @Trump(OD), @reg3(OD), @ScudBarb(OD) !
  13. @smitten(OD). Here is the article Smitty. G/L bro
  14. Welcome back man. Cheers
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