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  1. Thanks for your Kindness, Time and keeping Clan OD a great place... @Trump(OD), @reg3(OD), @ScudBarb(OD) !
  2. Aaron, First of all congrats on the opportunity at general and Second thank you for all the great gaming experiences we have shared, streams and dedication to the clan. And thank you for serving the United States military. You conduct yourself as a leader in my opinion - And still are there for the lower ranking members alike, integrity, sincerity, factual, un bias based thinking, non-judgmental, laid back leadership all great quality's brother. You are ready for the next step for sure in my opinion. so there be my statement Question : I would like to know what you will contribute to keeping the clan exciting, ever evolving and a desirable place to be and stay with your new rank and powers? Question : Will you still continue to advocate justly as you have in the past for the lower ranking members ? Thank you Aaron and Best of luck to you!
  3. @smitten(OD). Here is the article Smitty. G/L bro
  4. You forgot to mention how much FG he was going to have to give you....What is the rate now like 1100 FG?
  5. Welcome and thanks for the intro. LMK if you need anything.
  6. I believe @SuNSeT had it a couple ladders ago if I am not mistaken. Good Luck
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Welcome back! Hope to see you around ODD2...Lmk if u need anything.
  9. MineNotYour(OD)


    God damn the fire enchanted mofo`s .....Been there done that also. All part of the adventure, I can help at least thru NM if u need.
  10. ^ ^ Aye Aye, Forsure what he said! @SuNSeT But seriously, First...Welcome Evo and with that mindset of passing it on your in the right place man. A great group of people here keeping a old game alive and sharing some great times together. I also have alot to pass on as whether they know it or not many many members here in OD have helped me through some sht. one way or another, The comrade-re is second to none. Glad you can be apart of it!
  11. Thats a classic @Hari(OD), I was rolling with laughter man. Thanks for the share.
  12. Welcome to the Clan! @Ernst(OD)
  13. Welcome to the clan Duke! Here is a guide to help new members with some questions, take a look :-)
  14. Hello Earl and welcome to Clan OD!
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