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  1. I myself quit as soon as i see bots everywhere just kills the game for me, i cant keep up mfing, i cant keep up lvling, i feel no competition left and just quit every season after like a week 😞 PoD however i play for months on end because i can actually get rich and be on top of ladder and there is more to do haha but to each their own, botnet just so stale and boring to me
  2. yall should really get over here.. bnet so stale and hacked, come enjoy d2 how it should be played ❤️ https://pathofdiablo.com/p/?news=31 Bigger stash, trade site for ingame currency, no hacks/bots/dupes etc. no realmdowns no ftjs, servers alll over for better latency, higher rune drops, new endgame, new patches, nice community etc look into it! blizzard has disgraced d2 fans for years now, come enjoy something close to vanilla with a little extra quality of life and enjoyment
  3. Kappa(OD)

    Team Signups

    Im gonna be a hour late to reset so i cant meet in TS prior haha, guess im screwed 😛
  4. can we have a guild system with like the top 10 highest levels in OD since ladder will likely be a pointless battle vs bots? I think this would be a fun competition, maybe it could be added to a channel bot command even thats edited and we could have something like you type .ladder and a list of 10 pops up
  5. Kappa(OD)

    Team Signups

    I dont understand how these reset teams are gonna work considering people arent organized in to groups or times etc. here goes nothing tho 😛 Kappa(OD) - Cold Sorc
  6. Happy birthday kappa hope it a good one 🙂

  7. There is extra tips like buying mf boots/gloves from hell anya and resetting her inventory by entering pindle tp back n forth till the items u need spawn but i could go on for days so figured ide just cover the best ones i could think of at the time haha, thanks for all the extra input from others and gl to everyone! See yall at the reset
  8. Ill take a spot in a full team if you need a filler
  9. Hey so i plan to start the ladder with a blizz sorc and mf for the first month and try to get wealth, then asap im gonna make a Chaos zerk barb, so if anyone is wanting to tele baals I can clean out chaos quick for us for that phat Diablo xp! post up if this is something ude be interested in, i can usually play a few hours a day and days off usually more. Lets get some more legit OD 99s on the ladder this season 😄
  10. Nvm ill pass on this, thanks tho and gl
  11. friday is very last minute and by the looks of memberships post every1 jumped on team 1 and 2 and noone is filling up the 3rd, the higher ups should have run teams so things were organized not every1 being on 1 team haha, i guess if team 3 doesnt work out ill just have to go solo *shrug*
  12. ill play fire/cold sorc if number 3 is gonna happen, eitherwise ill just go solo i guess
  13. Kappa(OD)

    Reset Teams?

    i noticed there is 1 post about a team, last ladder there was like 3-4 ppl making teams. Is there other ppl forming groups for fri or we goin in yolo
  14. no problem, i thought it could be something fun/neat for competition amongst ourselves, be sweet if we could get a bot script for it but anything would be cool haha 🙂
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