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  1. vindictive was converted into the kappa one. You can remove vindictive from the list 🙂 thanks
  2. Hey I changed my btag to make it easier, it is now Kappa#13862
  3. Wuddup fam! Cant wait for D2R !!!!! - Vindictive#1524
  4. Path of diablo is hosting a live stream at 4pm CST if anyone is interested in checking out what the game is about and the future of it with likely the next reset and patch date. If your interested go to the path of diablo website and under forums there should be a link to it, he also said he will be posting the full thing to youtube once its over.
  5. ***Update*** Greendude the lead dev of path of diablo has announced a teaser of "Podcon" for january 2020. It is going to be a live stream. He says he has the biggest announcement he has ever made about the game. Also there will be information likely on the future of the game, upcoming reset, etc etc, if your interested check out the path of diablo reddit page should be info sometime soon about the day and time this is happening and will be a great thing for anyone interested in the game
  6. Path of diablo currently has 600+ active people a night and up to 3k players at resets, next reset should be januaryish. This mod is very close to bnet d2lod just like an expansion of it. Why should you play Path of diablo you ask? 1. Biggerstash / charm Inventory 2. 8player loot for mfing (this compensates for smaller community) also its nice to find something more often. Its not too crazy to the point that its unfun. 3. More to do with endgame mapping and corrupting items also ubers are a tad harder and dclone is now spawned via a recipe and is a whole different fight( super crazy) 4. ***NO HACKS NO BOTS NO MULTICLIENTS NO MH ETC*** 5. Trade website without fake real money currency, post your item, meet up ingame, trade. 6. New fun builds ex. Summon druid , blades of ice assassin, foh holy bolt pally etc as well as classics like frozen orb, whirlwind and multishot etc that are fixed and/or buffed some. 7. High rune droprates, if you do endgame things like chaos, cows, baals, maps etc your gonna actually see high rune drops here and there, they are still rareish but more common than botnet 8. Community, most people are friendly, fun and trustworthy. There is a global chat system for server wide communication, you meet ppl and ull know them forever and people do things like free rushes or free gheeds in x game etc. 9. Quality of life improvements like melee splash jewel for melee aoe dmg, shift right click to move items to stash, cntrl right click to drop or sell items, loot filters, sound filters, the list goes on 10. Resets/patches every 3-5 months keeping the game fresh and tweaking up over and underpowered specs and sometimes even content like a new map tier currently goes up to tier4. If any of this interests you and your sick of bots and hacks and want a better diablo2 experience I highly suggest you checking this out, its basically the d2 most people want and you wont get anything better. If you have any questions about the game leave em here and ill be happy to assist you. I cant even stand playing bnet anymore there is 0 point to it really, if more OD came to PoD we could all enjoy this together and not deal with the plague of botters on botnet. Really if you decide to try it or not doesnt bother me but ide like to think im helping the clan members out by sharing this information 🙂
  7. Kappa(OD) Dec.6th reset until middle of night Sorc or pally Sccl
  8. Cool brother well count me in ill be there
  9. Welcome back, I am also returning for ladder reset once again, lets hope for some bot control maybe your return will be good luck for us all 🙂
  10. I made a seperate folder because pod runs off patch 1.13c and bnet updates you to 1.14d,
  11. Path of diablo reset should be announced here anyday for the people that don't want to play bnet full of hacks. Its a private server mod very much like live d2lod with thousands of players, it has quality of life improvements like bigger stash, charm inventory, a tad better droprate on high runes and items cause of player8 loot and a bunch of more nice things. It also has a trade website without fake currency just used for the purpose of trading in game stuff. If your interested after the botnet reset happens and botters and enigmas are happening on day 3, there are videos on youtube going into more detail about it. I myself would love to play bnet with the clan and friends but ill be done shortly quick If I see all the bots still out, P.S path of diablo actually bans players for any hacks including multiclients etc. I find it strange how a group of like 5 guys who do this private server as a side project without pay can stop and control hacks but blizzard cant. Ive ran into a handful of OD members on here and if we had more come over we could basically do Clan stuff here also.
  12. Ill be on teamspeak and ready to do the classic start group with my pally
  13. I will run Pally for this classic reset group
  14. Membership you got a team? I want in, starting Hdin @Membership(OD)
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