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  1. Mr MooMoo Answers to all my concerns better than I had hoped. Good luck and may life never crush out your sense of justice. As per not holding grudges that is rare, beware those who say they hold no grudges, but deceive. You are leader that many will follow (not ability to use power <any tyrant can do that> defines a leader, but how one persuades to comply and follow. Don't use power to stifle debate, use persuasion.) Regards and Success GD
  2. Mr Moo Moo: Since I was demoted as soon as a reason could be created, I wish you had NOT supported me. Never oppose the party line, ever. People want peace not justice. Now to two questions. Do you regret supporting me when you did (I think you should but that is on me.), would you support someone else in such a situation and why,Do you have a comment on Mr Ray's banning now or when it happened (I deem it wise if you do not.)? Finally (and most important to me), will you vote because another peer votes in a particular way or only user your own j
  3. Congratulations on using your own money to do whatever you want. Never let someone else tell you what you should use your cash on, there is too much of that in the world already. (If I ever want to waste an extra million or so, I will buy licenses of hated television shows and songs and archive them forever. The Barney song and show will never be seen by mankind again.)
  4. Actually not true, ask Ms Terra, a post was deleted. Last post, did not see Terra's warning until now
  5. To whom it may concern: My negative vote for Beer was removed after I called him untrustworthy, deceitful and unworthy of higher office of any kind (many other words cannot remember all as it was deleted) . Question is why ? Why was it removed by the general who voted 15 points for his promotion ? (I vote four negative, can she not find someone else to dump another ten to fifteen votes to nullify my vote. What difference does it make if we have differing opinions on this promotion. I was told by Ms Terra that "people vote negative for good and bad reason? and I had to eat that on
  6. Congratulations on both,, prayers for many more to come.
  7. Mr Badboi: Seemed to have lost my last post due to a connection hiccup (I hope it was not immediately deleted.) I realize that people may have listed an error in their evaluations, but the one's I have read are not very informative. I appreciate the answers to this already, Mr Compfreaks and Mr Quintin being informative. Even a "I do not want to publicly post it" is informative and instructive. I do not expect to get an answer from everyone, some are unavailable and some care not to. Others cannot admit to an error and I hope the only place peop
  8. Mr Aerineth: What a cheap lesson to learn this in a game forum, instead of something important in life. Thank you for your reply. Regards GD
  9. Mr CompFreak: Got them, Nice work. Beautiful lake, I am envious. Many Thanks GD PS Terra you could delete this post and the reply and request for the pics for clarities sake if you like for space's sake.
  10. Mr CompFreak: You have attained wisdom at a cheap price, never act out of anger or any outside stimulant, grief (death of loved ones, etc.). I wish all members of the "Powers" had obtained your insight, wise insight is a gift. Congratulations on learning this lesson in a game forum, think how destructive this error could be in real life (like with a client, etc.). Acting out of temporary angst can make life long adversaries that will wait for the right moment. If you did not apologize (sincere or not is irrelevant), silence did not mean acceptance. Good for you repairing it immedi
  11. Ms Terra: I understand wanting to keep it secret. The courtesy of the reply was enough. I did not ask to embarrass or shame anyone (how rude that would be.) DO NOT PM the error, if it got out I would be blamed even if innocent , I want people honestly to confess an error they have made, we learn more from errors of character then from success, we see the true face of a person when things do not go well. Thank you for your polite reply. (Also people when drunk are usually forgiven much in my culture. I wonder how many will read this and ignore the post, at least it will quiet thing
  12. To All The Powers That Be (generals of all stars and Commanders please though active senior officers that wish to share are welcome.): I have wondered the following question (actually linked with a common theme.) because of the recent bruhaha and the past bruhaha (yes I like this word): What is your greatest error or mistake concerning OD ? (just OD, real life is irrelevant in this case and if you have made no errors I congratulate you on perfection and your intellect, I wish I had your judgement.) How long did it take you to realize you made
  13. Mr CompFreak: On a completely unrelated note (Ms terra please do not delete this request) can you please post pictures of this or do you have a facebook where you are showing the house in progress. I am fascinated by "pioneer crafts" and ancient arts, I LOVE cabins, hunting, fishing (I field dress and eat anything I hunt by the way, meat comes from animals not the magic supermarket fairy) etc. (save the scrap wood for a Franklin stove). Another post in the community section would be excellent if convenient for you. I wanted to be "Jeremiah Johnson" as a child (old person movie ref
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