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  1. Looks awesome =) The only thing cool about my character is his portal effect, the rest looks silly xD
  2. You could just get purple tinted glasses and then everything will be purple =)
  3. *wipes tear of happiness from his cheek* Thank you Purplez:) This means a lot. Hey if you can think of a connection between druids and purple im all ears haha :P
  4. I have LOD already on my Battlenet account, just no characters xD
  5. Man this makes me want to play D2 again.
  6. I almost stepped on a snake during my job a few days ago. Let's just say I have a different jogging route now xD
  7. Is anyone doing the flashback event? I can't start until I get home from work but i'm stoked!
  8. yeah I'm always down to game!
  9. Sorry I missed this! Let me know if you get back on soon!
  10. horoxix(OD)

    Team Up?

    I just recently got back to gold, after dropping on a big loss streak, and was wondering if anyone wants to play together?
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