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  1. Yo I'll run druid if theres a slot open!!!
  2. Iso reset team for ehcl I'm running druid or zon preferably druid. Need full team or close to it for reset
  3. So @Purplez(OD) do u think u can help me spread the word? Idk how 🤣😭🤣😭🤣
  4. Ok I saw the druid bowling video and was shocked and awed Anyways I wanna try to do it again If interested lemme know Thanks for the upvote purplez! You inspired this post! PS trying for tonight at 11pm central American time
  5. welcome to the world of tomorrow!!!!
  6. been trying to play with guys on ts but channel has been empty last few days. whats going on?
  7. hey scooter welcome to OD we hope you feel at home here and will help you with all your d2 questions
  8. hey welcome to the clan!!!!
  9. welcome nick to a new family :)
  10. welcome to the most amzing family youll ever need!!!
  11. welcome! destroy the pixels til there are no pixels left!
  12. welcome buddy! were stoked to have you too!
  13. welcome to OD! I'm new myself but this is a great clan! enjoy and have fun!
  14. hi @Firezeeb(OD) welcome to OD I'm new as well and if u wanna get a run going I'm logging in now
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