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  1. I would be very much in favor of some group bounty runs.
  2. Do you mean a mobile app? There are a tons of them on Android and iOS. Some of them are just information/guide apps and some have character building functions. I haven't used any myself, but if you google "Diablo 3 companion app" you will find a ton of articles, posts and reviews.
  3. Making a Raekor Slam sounds interesting--there are several barbarian variations I haven't tried out yet (I am playing barb this season). All time favorite is prolly the Seven-Sided-Strike/Exploding palm monk, just love the fireworks when every critter on the screen blows up at once. Probably building a new one with the new buffs for Uliana's Strategem would be my next priority.
  4. [PS] I got this message after leaving the old group and trying to apply to ODG, hope you have my earlier request on file...[/PS]
  5. I am really glad you mentioned this, I had no idea this was a necessary step. 😄
  6. Stuff happens, been in more groups where the leader buggered off for parts unknown more times than I can count. Sometimes it turns out to be an understandable reason, like illness, most times we never find out. Sounds like Hari is trying to pull things together, kudos to him and those helping him out.
  7. Can't know what happened in your case, but some people are just jerks. A long while ago, I was playing a mod for the WWII game Battlefield 1942. Someone on my team jumped in the driver/gunner spot of a tiger tank, and I entered the AA mg spot. I was playing engineer class (who can repair tanks) and I could see pesky anti-tank infantry and planes more easily than the driver. In that game, a fully crewed tank (especially with engineer support) could potentially survive a lot longer than a partially crewed one, and a Tiger was a rare but powerful asset to our team. Anyway, the driver didn't move at all from the spawn for several minutes, and didn't respond to queries as to why he wasn't moving. I decided he must have a bad connection or got distracted by some RL issue, jumped out and ran off to find something more useful to do with myself than sitting in the rear area waiting for the driver to come back. As a I ran off the driver team killed me, calling me some pretty choice names. I think he assumed I was trying to hijack his ride rather than support him. I suspect that is because that is what he would have been doing in my place, and the idea that someone might want to help him rather than steal from him was a foreign concept. Or, to be succinct, he was just a jerk.
  8. I am game. I expect to be playing Barb, if that works.
  9. Problem with necro is it has no oddly arranged major sets, unlike every other class. All the main necro sets have exactly six pieces (not counting the minor 2-piece Jesseth set), and they are all the same pieces--helmet/shoulder/chest/glove/legs/feet. Necro will be able to incorporate some new and interesting legendaries in place of one of their armor pieces but no main-set hybrids are possible. Necro might get some benefit by combining with non-class or crafted sets like Demon's hide--maybe some kind of weird thorns hybrid would work? Not sure. Being able to includes even one extra bit will help necro, though, to be sure.
  10. I see. My experience with necro is very limited. I see your point about their enormous damage potential, and also their squishiness. How could two full sets be worn? Perhaps I misread the announcement, but I thought we would just get the usual ability to get a full set bonus from 5 pieces of a set, rather than using all six. Since, unlike every other class, necro sets all have exactly the same items, they can't even get a 6 plus 2 set bonus.
  11. Why do you suppose they would buff every class massively but the Necro? That confused me especially. I haven't played them a lot (don't really like playing them that much, so far), but it seems like the folks that do like them are kinda getting shafted, at least for this season.
  12. https://us.diablo3.com/en/blog/22820656/season-16-the-season-of-grandeur-begins-118-12-18-2018 Every class except necro seems to be getting a massive power boost in some or all of their sets (except Necromancer, for some reason). I am puzzled by this, although not necessarily unhappy. Was necromancer considered overpowered vs other classes? I haven't found it so,. but I have never played necro much.
  13. Planning on playing Barbarian this season. Was going to play Necro (only class I never played at all) but messing around with necro for Darkening of Tristram made me decide Necro is about as much fun as a mild std.
  14. I am working on an HC monk, but he is a bit of a glass cannon. At Torment V he still dies once in a while (saved by Near Death Experience) but can kill most any boss in two shots (most only take one), thanks to Legacy of nightmares and a few lucky legendary finds. As soon as I can scrape together some better damage reduction I would be happy to join you all for some bounty runs.
  15. I am interested(now that I know what it is). I can start the first evening.
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