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  1. If you have a desire to progress in mythic Castle Nathria please reach out to an officer in the guild. This is with the understanding that you have cleared Heroic CN and have sufficient gear to fulfill your role. The WoW division on Bleeding Hollow is always looking for dedicated and skillful players to join our ranks. Even if you want to just come and hang with a very chill group and run mythic+'s or PVP we would love to have you be a part of our guild.
  2. 3/16/2021 - Heroic Sire Denathrius was downed - Congrats guys!
  3. Hey guys, If you all of a sudden have issues with both mic and audio on your Razer headset (USB and plugged in) and it seems like everything is maxed on output and input in Discord, check to make sure you are logged in with Razer on your account. It solved the issue for me immediately when I logged in. Go Figure! TimingTim(OD)
  4. This season took a bit of a nose dive for me due to WoW commitments, I still play but off and on and mostly for the double bounty chests (too good to pass up). Not sure there is enough desire for steady groups right now (save a few hardcore players) and we'll see what Season 16 holds. Regards, Tim
  5. Quick Question: On the user profile on Overdosed.com under the games played I do not have the option to select WoW. Is this the same for all OD members? I have been playing WoW since beta inception (yeah a long time) and mostly play on Sargeras but have a strong footprint on Stormrage as well. Would love to identify with WoW on the web site if possible as I have seen others list it along with some of their toons. FYI: Not loving the stat squish before 8.0.1 releases, but as usual it was expected. So much for a 960 ilvl lol Thanks, TimingTim(OD)
  6. Hello Snipe, I am usually quite silent in the forums mostly do to personal choice about security. I deal with politicians fairly often and on occasion have had forums and other locations where I would write comments be searched and analyzed. To that extent, I usually don't comment to avoid controversial issues or words being misconstrued. Thank you for your hard work on the clan web site, I wish had some of your talents. I served honorably in the Coast Guard and could go on about leadership and what makes a good leader but that is not what I want to address as others have done
  7. Welcome to Clan OD. If you are on D3 or WoW and need anything just holler at me. TimingTim#1430.
  8. Central Time Zone - I will be driving back to Louisiana Friday night and may be on Saturday. If not, I will be on pretty much from Tuesday night on. Likely will have my 70 after you guys do in part because of a crazy schedule the next 8 days. Rolling a Monk this time around. Time to get your D3 on!
  9. I'll be back! Team, solo or carries - whatever, just more D3
  10. So many new faces and sad to see some of the good ones go. I am sure they would play if they could. Have fun y'all and remember to participate in some promotions we have like 31 in que.
  11. Welcome to OD! If you need help in game (D3) just holler. TimingTim
  12. @Purplez(OD)Ha - been trying to get Kelly (wife of 20 years) to play WoW for many years but she won't have it. Even my 17 and 18 year old daughters won't play. I insist they are missing out on one of life's finest moments and they insist I am delusional...who knows ? maybe so - lol so Hey Raged - I got an Alpha invite to the next WoW expansion - 41 GB download later and all I can say it is one of the worst beta's I have tested for Blizzard. It is gonna take a few months for them to work out a lot of the bugs and the new zones although stunning are horrible to follow quest wise.
  13. NAHZ FTW! Game on brother! TimingTIm
  14. Welcome to OD! I only joined in February but I can honestly say this is a great group of players. I am sure you will enjoy it. I am an ex Coastie myself so welcome and thanks for your service. I only made 7 years but loved it while it lasted. Hollar if you need assistance. Regards, TimingTim (Tim)
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