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  1. What drives you to devote so much of your time to the clan? What has kept you here for years?
  2. welcome. glad i was able to rush you. feel free to hit me up whenever.
  3. I havent been in OD very long but i can say that Julie aka Sassy is one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She is always helpful and willing to be there for anything we as members may need. She always available to assist and guide on Diablo too. Be it in game or on TS3. I personally think she deserves any and all success. I believe she is definitely the kind of character a general of OD should emulate to be.
  4. Happy birthday reck :) don’t tell ray lol 

    1. Recklad(OD)


      LOL thank you very much

    2. Ray(OD)




      Haaaaappyyyyyyy Biiiirthdaayyyyyy toooo Reeecklaaaad

    3. Recklad(OD)


      Lol thanks Ray

  5. If this happens again i would love to participate
  6. Definitely going to try and make this. Should be quite interesting.
  7. Thank you all. Really enjoying the experience. Everyone is so nice and helpful.
  8. Welcome. Im new as well and so far am thoroughly enjoying my time. Great peopleand very helpful. If i can help please dont hesitate to add me on d2. Recklad(OD)
  9. Thanks man. Its a good time for sure lol
  10. Also if i can be of any help please let me know. I have some chars nl that can rush very easy. Currently on ladder i can do norm and nm with no issue.
  11. Thanks. I look forward to it. Seems like a great clan.
  12. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to the clan and play Diablo 2. Recklad(OD) is my account. Feel free to hit me up whenever. Starting basically from scratch so it may be slow going hahaha
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