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  1. Happy birthday luke 🙂 

  2. Happy birthday!!

  3. Arto(OD)

    Leaving OD

    @Badboi(OD) Nope I'm not leaving for a different community, I will continue to play hcd2 just as Arto instead of Arto(OD), my thoughts are, Why be tagged OD, have to adhere to any rules at all, have my actions scrutinized, to literally not play with another OD member. I do bite my tongue sometimes just to maintain a respectable image for OD and to not create drama. And no, I am not leaving to BM, hack, or cheat, I have played D2 GM and legit for 15 years now and I don't plan on changing, and like I said I will still be around, I will always be willing to help when I am available. I also will push people to join OD if they seem like they are looking for a fantastic community. -Luke
  4. Arto(OD)

    Leaving OD

    I enjoyed playing with the members I was able to play with, but since I moved to hardcore I have literally played with 1 OD member once. I don't feel like it benifits the community or myself to remain in OD at this point, I just log into the site everyday for the sole purpose of keeping my dsl low. I would love to continue to help the community with my services as I always have, and I am always available to help, or just lend an ear to anyone who needs the support. I just feel like this is the logical choice to make. As the next reset is about a month away, when it does happen I'll drop the OD tag from my chars and accounts.
  5. Arto(OD)

    Hey guys

    Hey, I would like to apply for the hcl squad, I am fairly new to OD but I've been playing hc Diablo 2 almost exclusively for 15 years. Hcl, hccl. Any process I need to follow to join the squad?
  6. I can also crush if needed :) not like we need more names added but why not? Tko400@d2jsp if anyone needs :)
  7. Arto(OD)

    Hi everyone!

    @sassy I look forward to playing with you :) @typereal(OD) it happens :) the game changes quite a bit when life is valuable, I have lots of close calls when pushing grs :) if you want to give it another shot let me know. Also if anyone needs to get ahold of me for any help pm me on jsp if you have it @tko400
  8. Arto(OD)

    Hi everyone!

    I just started back up in Diablo 3 after about 3 years of inactivity, I'll still be playing Diablo 2 but mainly just to help members. I'd like to main Diablo 3 for a bit again. I'll be playing hardcore seasonal, if anyone needs any help of any kind just message me, battle tag is in profile. I look forward to playing with you all. I belive I have about 2000+hours logged in Diablo 3 so although I'll seem new due to being rusty I am pretty knowledgeable if anyone needs to hit me up for information.
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