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  1. I’ve played it a little. It’s a PVE, Loot-shooter. Think The Division but interesting game play and a pretty decent storyline. The graphics are great and I’m actually a fan of the mechanics (jet packs and cool guns)
  2. Long time no speak beany hope your back doing ok now 🙂 

    1. CoffeeBean(OD)


      Hey! Thanks for checking in! I’ve been doin alright, I ended up having a second surgery because I messed it up again. I’m thinking I’ll make some pit stops into the TS in the next few days 

  3. Covfefebean.

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    2. Ray(OD)


      Take care mang

    3. CoffeeBean(OD)


      Thanks man! And good to see you moved up so damn far! Congrats!

    4. Ray(OD)
  4. Sorry I haven’t been on much to help stand it up. Once I got back from California I started back at work and have been spending evenings finishing the in law suite in the basement for the in laws getting here tonight
  5. Desire to know more intensifies And this is why they call him “El CompFreak”
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. I’m over with maybe 5 for the month thinking I’m doin okay, then Sassy pulls in my monthly number during a lunch break... All in a days work!
  8. It’s looking like I’m gonna have to bring my guitar into the D2 TS channel and campaign for some voice votes 🙂
  9. ChoBo bot in old ODSC channels. I left in ‘03 but lurked around the forums every now and again to see if it was still around. Decided to come back a few months ago after about 15 years.
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