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  1. Hey team, we finally got our own sub forum. Lets make use of it.
  2. About a week ago we had 4 guys playing together. It was fun. Haven't seen anyone since haha.
  3. I'm going to abstain since I work during all those times.
  4. Hots Logs is a great resource to research statistics for Heroes of the Storm. You have to upload replays (which are pretty small files) to get a good representation of your own stats, but even just browsing it to see what others are playing and the builds they use is useful. https://www.hotslogs.com/
  5. I usually use discord, but I will look into TS.
  6. I'm Akhans and I'm addicted to Heroes of the Storm. Or at least watching people play it. I'm not terrible but I definitely have a lot to learn! Looking forward to playing with like minded individuals.
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