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  1. Seraph Amy (2/1) Saracan (Nice temp before maras) -15req/13 Fire res jewel -15 req / 22 LR / 2str / 4 life jewel angelic ring/amy 29% Nagel Trang gloves Chant game is running : OD chant-2
  2. Additions: Shapeshifting GC Summuning(necro) GC All the runes up to Ko Most kind of gems
  3. Available ATM 5/3 PSN DIE facet Bonehew Buriza Swordguard random spirit monarch lots of set/unic from normal
  4. Currently Offline still leveling my chanter. Creating the thread now, because im bored Post some Items requests, my MFdin will try to bring them you. Of course i know everybody need's the GG :P but if you have some special needs for lower level items post here ill keep an eye open. Chant service. Just PM me Ingame Switzy(OD) if im online ill log it for you. Switzy
  5. been a while since ive seen a milkshake bring so many boys to the yard
  6. Hey! Yes i Grushed and lvled your OD-Natalya :P i actually already talkd about that with Pops, he said i need to wait 2 more weeks to recruit (by the site law). But also said he would talk with sassy to shorten this wait since im dedicated! Discord wise, i really nearly never use mic or even sound when i play.... when i play most of the family are around and i dont want to bother them with my 20years of game :D
  7. My pleasure :D i also play wow (quitted to play d2, but prob will restart soon!) Will do Purplez ya we chaosd together actually
  8. Hey there i'm Switzy (Max) I just turned 30 (Yesterday) Most of the time i mainly mf in chaos if you wanna leach exp just whisper me it will be my pleasure! I would like to be a recruiter for OD since i play when not a lot of people are on ... Mostly 5am to approx 9am and randomly in the day /night, i referred several person to join and no recruiter was on at this time! So i would like to do my share of that. Im offering Free Grush and leveling for OD member. If im on just whisper me. Proud to be a member of this big family Switzy
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