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  1. Anyone seen this? Thoughts?
  2. Hey Folks, I will be out of town for the next 10 days so please excuse the extended DSL. I will be back on Thursday 10/11. Have fun and good luck!
  3. Had a good day offshore in Nags Head. 40 Mahi Mahi, a Wahoo, and 11 and 1/2 Blackfin Tuna. One was bitten in half by a shark while reeling it in. Also caught and released a 6 foot Spinner shark. Too dangerous to bring aboard. Thats me on the left with the Wahoo.
  4. Welcome back! Hope to see you around!
  5. Hey Nowell, welcome to the family! Hope to see you a game! Good Times! -Splitzzz
  6. Purple Haze, all in my brain Lately things don't seem the same Acting funny but I don't know why Excuse me while I kiss the sky Purple Haze, all around Don't know if I'm comin' up or down Am I happy or in misery Whatever it is that girl put a spell on me
  7. Hello Shark, Welcome to OD! Good Luck!
  8. Welcome to OD! Hope to see you around!
  9. Welcome to the clan! Hope to see you around! Remember to keep your dsl low.
  10. W E L C O M E! Hope to see you in the channel! -Splitzzz
  11. ShaB, welcome to Clan OD! -Splitzzz
  12. Purplez, thanks for the fun. It will never be forgotten
  13. Welcome to Clan OD. Remember to keep your DSL low.
  14. Hey Bro, love to grind out riffs! are you a picker? Welcome to the clan.
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