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  1. Lol, thats why I told Purplez im fine with splitting the FG. I wasnt trying to cheat you
  2. I haven't seem Dutch for a few weeks, but I'm fine splitting the prize. I'm not sure where she finished. Last I saw she was 95.
  3. Here's my final Character @ lev 96.
  4. Hi OD, Purplez just hooked me up with runes to complete my eth last wish cb. Cant wait to get my GG merc equipped! -Craig
  5. Im in, Hello Clan! Oh how sweet the milk.... OD-MooTooYoo
  6. Just want to chime in here. First welcome to OD. Second I want to say you have been a great addition to our extended family. You have helped me on several occasions. Thanks for that and looking forward to seeing you in the games!
  7. Welcome Trolo, Its been fun gaming with you. Holla if you need anything.
  8. I joined OD three years ago. It wasn’t long after I joined that I met Pops. From day one he has always been willing to help with anything. He has helped me with all aspects of D2. The past year has been nothing less than heartbreaking for all of us. Covid has wrecked our lives, taken our loved ones and completely changed the way we go about our day to day activities. We all have had to deal first handedly with the devastation of this horrible virus. Pops has gone through a lot the past year as we all have. I think his motives to help this clan are well intentioned and des
  9. Perrie-Rose, Your mother was one of the first people i met in this family. She was just an awesome person. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and to whom all of the people that her goodness in life ever felt a little better after being in her presence. Whether here in this online group or in person we will miss her dearly.
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