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  1. welcome man! hope you enjoy ur time here as i have! see ya around and msg me if u need anything
  2. hey purple sorry for late reply idk how to make it notifie me of posts i posted on if there is a way but ill msg u today see if u still have a sorc ammy
  3. hey if anyone come a sorc ammy thats decent and better then the maumi-oak curio let me no plz! could really use a +skills with fcr if possible thanks
  4. hey guys let me know def sounds interesting ill check it out and see what i think
  5. welcome to the community! you will love it here with these great people! hope to see you around.
  6. yea i saw the post on website with date darn it lol well glad it was a success ill look forward to joining more clan night games
  7. well hey guys i just saw i was promoted!!!! thanks this means alot and i plan on putting it the work to keep going up will be on more just busy and sick past week but i tri to login so i keep dsl low :)
  8. im all about that if u guys havent done it yet !
  9. hey guys just wanted to say sorry about not beeing on much past week been not feeling good plus trying to get a house loan for me and gf so been busy but ill be on monday morning again hopfully miss all you guys hope there hasnt been to much fun without me XD ;P see you soon
  10. welcome! great community! if need help let me know XD
  11. ISO Pally OR Sorc ammy :))))))))))
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