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  1. Well I need to get every streamer in here's twitch is one thing. Also, I would like a Cool signature for this forum and for jsp, and a nice custom avatar for myself. Also I want to have a NICE Overdosed banner for my twitch stream and the reason I want to get everyone on twitch's info is so we can auto host each other - and that will passively boost EVERYONES views. follows, subscribers and community/donations. :) I can explain as far as graphics what I want but I need a few because I am doing 50 things at the same time like joining the facebook OD page, possibly creating a facebook GROUP for us where we can all chill and have group chat, and I am recruiting for my new dota 2 squad now. Also in the Battle.net app I made a new group for overdosed so we can all voice on it and stuff or just hang out in general. I just made staff sergeant and I want to prove my worth around here and keep staying as active as possible, so I can keep climbing up the ranks you know? :) Also I may change my battle.net name to THRASHER(OD) and make a new diablo 2 account to co-inside with that.
  2. Hit me up if you want to join me in making logos and stuff! Thanks!
  3. This is amazing for me! I got it off of mephisto!
  4. Disco that is such a cool sig. I wish I had a cool sig BRO please? HELP lmao <3
  5. Anyone have any tips on how to properly capture the window for diablo 2 and stream my gameplay to twitch using OBS? I have nooo idea. OBS works on all my current games but when it comes to diablo 2, it is just not capturing. Anyone have any advice for me on this subject?
  6. Hi I am in recruitment today 1/6/2018 Going to probably roll with sorc or barb! Thanks for accepting my trial! I really appreciate all the help I am recieving!
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