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  1. Good goals to have, just remember lvl 98 is the halfway point. 98-99 takes just as long, ughh.
  2. My server is up 24/7 for anyone interested. I am about ready to reset my world once again. Alpha 18 should be dropping in a month or two as well so that will be an exciting time for 7dtd players as well.
  3. •Event to see who can get the largest massacre bonus •Event to see who can get the largest gold streak •Season long event to see who can get the most conquest achievments •Event to see who can get to the highest greater rift with no legendarys or set pieces •Event to see who can get the highest greater rift with no set pieces and no ancient legendary gear (normal legendary) Thats just off the top of my head. Can probably think of more but D3 is pretty limited on group type events, more of an achievement hunt but there are a few things that people can be competitive with.
  4. Bypass the router and hard line it straight from the modem to the PC, if that works and your router will not work after cutting the power to it then you probably need to replace the router.
  5. It goes on sale quite often for 5 bucks, probably be part of the steam summer sale if you want to save money.
  6. Best thing about 7 Days to Die is the replay ability. You can go some very different routes in the beginning to determine how you will get through the game. Some games I am a straight scavenger for the first 100 levels, others I focus on mining and building while others I focus on finding other players and raid there bases for loot. I also enjoy the building in the game, so much versatility to be as creative as you want to be. Start with a hole in the ground or a simple box as your base and end up with a massive compound, tower, castle or whatever you can think of.
  7. Easy to play, hard to master. Every new start is a different adventure.
  8. Come join up. I am ready to teach some young grass hoppers the art of zombie slaying 😎
  9. I like that you made that comment Aerineth(OD). I to impress upon people that being a leader is about making the tough decisions and telling people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, to be honest with folks and earn there trust and respect. Thank you for that response.
  10. For sure V3n0m. If you're looking for something different or outside of the box then 7 Days to Die is your game.
  11. HAHA, well thanks for the views none the less 😋
  12. Hey guys, server has been reset and a new game seed has been rendered. New seed has massive cities. We currently have a small but dedicated community on the server but all are welcome to come join in the zombie slaying. Just search the server name below. Pandemonium PVP
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