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  1. twitch.tv/printusmc twitch.tv/unknownboy9
  2. Always a Necro at start, need to know more about the team tho
  3. Welcome to the clan!!! Hope you end up enjoying playing with us!! I have been in a few games with you.. you seem like a decent fella.. hope to play some more
  4. Print(OD)

    Barb Fight PVP

    here is the barb video from last nights PVP Sorry, its just rough content. Was not feeling well so did not edit it like I normally would have.
  5. Welcome to the clan!! Let me know if there is anyways that I can help (Other than gear, Im not there yet) Can Crush, and Grush (Dont have engima so crushes take alittle longer) Sometimes run Private Chaos runs too
  6. Welcome to the clan let me know if you need any help
  7. Print(OD)


    welcome to the clan!!! let me know if you need any help i will help as much as i can.
  8. that is awesome that you got geared up and was helped. stuff like this is good to read about thank you for sharing
  9. To be Crushed: Things to know!!!! Pay attention to the crusher so that things go smoother is the main key. First, you create your character make sure that you take the check out of expansion on the creation. You can create all of the characters except for Assassin and Druid. Ingame things to know: (If you die at any boss stay dead until rusher says to release so you do not miss the quest) Act1 simple just one player that needs the quest goes into the portal given by the rusher -- You can glitch Andy to be able to always have boss drops at this point. You just need to wait for the portal that automatically comes up when you take this portal and return to town. Do not talk to anyone except for Warriv which can carry you to act2. This is all that needs to be done for this glitch to work. Act2 Pay attention because the rusher may need you to go into the portal as soon as possible. Only one person needs to be doing all the movement. Preferably the one that knows the game the most and is the fastest. ---If you are the rusher do the Amulet first (Lost City + Claw viper temple2) So that the player can talk to Drognan right after you let them get the amulet. Then do the staff.(This prevents them from need palace portal) Rushee pay attention because you need to be in the arcane portal when the summoner dies or you will have to make ng or walk the tombs. For speed just be there. After placing the staff in the orifice in the tombs you can return to town and the rusher can make a tp next to the angel without talking to the angel, once the rushee has spoken to the angel it will grant the quest completion even though it said quest cant be completed. Act3 Make sure you stay put at the portal that the rusher opens here so that you can get the quest unless they state otherwise. Again if you die stay dead until told to release. Even if it says you missed the quest always attempt to talk to Cain it will sometimes grant the quest. Once you go into durance portal stay still moving around could trigger the council to come and attack you depending on where the crusher decided to put the portal. Again if you die stay dead until told to release. Act4 This is a simple thing to know as soon as you get here know what the name game should be and who is making it so that you can get out fast because once Diablo is dead there is a countdown on classic. I hope that this crush info helps people doing their crushes and knowing more about classic rushes. Thanks Print(OD) twitch.tv/printusmc oh yea I am PrintUSMC on jsp if you need to reach me outside of this forum And I can do crushes as well still working on leveling my sorc but she can do 1 to 2 people at a time
  10. nice intro, glad to see you figured it out!!! Let me know if you need any help Welcome to the clan :D
  11. I am a streamer also, I threw you a follow. If I see you online during my off time ill throw you a host too
  12. Welcome aboard. have a great time. LMK if you need an xpac chant game. I host them from time to time!
  13. Okay, I am not new to Diablo at all I joined about a week ago but failed to post here so here it is. 30+ old veteran (Marine) Served 05-09 Active 09-13 inactive Iraq tours 05-06 07-08 I dont mind helping people out but soon as slurping gets annoying I am out I stream and all my runs are normally on a 1,2,3 basis which means something great drops it is announced and everyone says 1 need 2 greed or 3 pass then it is rolled on in my stream. This is what I normally do on my streams. So if you join my runs this is what I expect. However, I try to help out guild members as much as possible. I am coming over to this clan from KoA which I have been a member since August 31, 2015 which I made it to rank King in the clan. I have already started a crusher to be able to help the guild out which is roughly around level 65 and can already crush but not as fast. But still doable if you have patience If you have any questions let me know. Thanks, Pinrt
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