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  1. Adding other venues besides PC's as members list them on discord. Also, until further notice we are using the channel ClanOD on D2r Americas. Exactly as I typed it. Blind: /channel join ClanOD PureSkooma: D2r technical issues https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/product/d2r For now, it's your choice whether to tag your toons or not, we know accounts probably won't have OD in them since they were made long ago. Be aware that so far, D2r allows the creation of the same named toon by others. In other words, no limit to the number of people who would be OD-Purplez lmao!
  2. 8am pst tomorrow!! If you haven't already you can now download and be ready.
  3. Who's gonna play taps for poor Skooma lol
  4. Life is too short my friend and cancer is a butthead! Eat healthy, exercise and go to all those dr appointments. We'll see you on the other side of this ❤️
  5. Added you! It will be fun playing with everybody.
  6. I'm a slow roller too and willing to play with anyone that doesn't want to go head down just to get through. Because there will be no ladder at first, I am probably going to start in hardcore.
  7. Happy to see you. I can't wait either. I have added you to the list here and on Discord. You can also use the guide to add your battlenet tag to your OD website profile as Blind shows you in the post above!
  8. I think we should all make some type of capsule tunes and level up in the public chant games that he is pking in that would just be so funny.
  9. Sign up on discord in D2 event-hc pker
  10. I truthfully wish that you would take an IA until the reset of your game and then make your decision. Since the release is so soon and it is something that you enjoy take that break. Don't ever let one person like the one who was bm run you away from something that you enjoy. There are always going to be toxic people around. There are ways to make sure that they aren't allowed to interact with other OD members or our Discord. You have always given a lot of yourself to this clan and I would hate to see you just give it up. Take the break then decide. I can tell you I have been on that brink many times having been abused by many members who are no longer here. But I decided I am not going to let people that don't know the full story or that just live to be toxic drive me to make any decision that I don't want to make.
  11. If you want your DSL (days since logged) into the website to reset automatically, all you have to do is link your Discord tag in your Overdosed.net profile and you are linked. It's an easy thing to do. Here's a guide, and if you need individual help, just let me know. I manually checked our current 50 members and found that 31 out of those 50 members have NOT linked their Discord. https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/69715-how-to-link-your-od-tagged-account-to-discord-dsl-reset/
  12. Wonderful Zak! Community meetings while not overly attended by most members, will build up a following. I know that the more regularly they are held and the more they are publicized you will draw bigger crowds. My only advice is not to make it too structured, but allow the freedom to brainstorm ideas.
  13. Early Access Weekend: Players who pre-ordered the standard edition of Diablo II: Resurrected and the Diablo Prime Evil Collection will be able to access the beta on August 13 at 10 a.m. PDT. Fans can begin to preload the game on August 11. https://collider.com/diablo-2-resurrected-beta-release-date/
  14. I know moo moo tried to help you last night but it doesn't look like it was successful. I am going to tag a couple of our computer experts and see if they have any input @Blind. @CompFreak(OD) @Triny(OD)
  15. Take care of yourself. Your health is more important than anything. We are here for you!
  16. My apologies for not announcing the winners. For some reason, I was thinking the contest ran through 7/31. Anyway, gratz to the winners: First place 500 FG @JR(OD) Second place 250 FG @RadarRick(OD)
  17. Thanks Rick. I spoke with Blind this morning on Discord about the battletag on our Overdosed.net profile. It currently says D3 battletag, but Aerineth just gave Blind permission to take the D3 part off and it wouldjust be battletag, so we can also put it in our profiles.
  18. September is fast approaching and the release date for D2r. Since most of us created our Blizzard accounts without reference to our Clan, I have started a new channel on Discord to post your Blizzard accounts and Clan accounts. That way we know who we all are haha Please take a minute to either pm me with the info or post it here. The list will be maintained both on Discord and on the forum. Aerineth(OD) = AerinethOD#1825 Badboi(OD) = BadboiOD#1399 PoPs(OD) = PoPs#12362 Purplez(OD) = Cindy#11431 RadarRick(OD) = SilentRage#1109 AND RadarRick#1114 Blind(OD) = Blind#1211 MelodicRose(OD) = MelodicRose#1395 JR(OD) = Joonior#1400 Psy9Zach(OD) = psy9zach#1205 PureSkooma(OD) = PureSkooma#1149 AND PureSkooma2#1743 Bambii(OD) = ODBambi#2644 Queballz(OD) = qw27#1866 Smoken(OD) = smoken#11946 TieDyeT(OD) = TieDyeT#1109 Uchiha(OD) = UchihaOD#1422 Hari(OD) =Hari#1233 SpikeSpiegel(OD) = SpikeSpiegel#1545 Parzival(OD) = ParzivalOD#1719 Lexer(OD) = Lexer#1221 Knucklez123(OD) = vAyRon5150#1947 and Knucklez123#11134 Letto(OD) = LettoOD#2815 Scudbarb(OD) = ScudWraith#1855 Mercinyah(OD) = Mercinyah#1715 Shark(OD) = Shark#1706 Technix(OD) = Freeza#11901 Monty(OD = MontyOD#1103 Kappa(OD) = Vindictive#1524 and Kappa#13862 Over_Lord(OD) = JumpyWizard#1260953 Other than PC players: Scudbarb(OD) = Scudgd82 on Xbox Parzival(OD) = PS4 Metz(OD) = MetzX2 for anyone on PSN Over_Lord(OD) = A Burnt Midget on Xbox
  19. Thank you JR! I mentioned it in the first paragraph of the guide but I think it deserves to be high lighted. Appreciate you looking it over!
  20. We no longer have to put a recruit through a trial period. Until D2r becomes available and we see what/how recruitment will take place, you will still take the new member to channel OP Sassy. You will still go through the rules and the "defs" in OP Sassy. You still have to be added as a recruiter on the website and to the Sassy bot. If the new member has Discord or they are willing to download it you will be able to use the Discord recruiting bot. Recruitment Bot Usage Guide - Discord - Overdosed Community Forums If the new member does not have or want to get Discord, you will then have them tell you the Clan name they want, as well as their email. Check website for desired name make sure its available before doing anything. Then, you as the recruiter, will go to Overdosed.net. 1. Go to console 2. Go to recruitment 3. Go to add trial member 4. Make sure to fill out each empty blank. Also, since we no longer put new recruits through a trial period, be absolutely certain to mark "skip trial period." 5. Copy/paste the account Password and give it to the recruit and have them login the site to change his Password. Channel OP Sassy - defs to be played for new recruits 1=First off welcome to Clan Overdosed! We are a welcoming community and we welcome all into the clan, the new, the old, the bad and the good. 2=Do you use any mods bots or hacks? OD is a good mannered and legit clan and we have zero tolerance for any 3rd party programs. Dual clanning is also not allowed. 3=You will be asked to create a new account with (OD) at the end of your name. This is the name you will use at our site, in game and on our forum. But first let's get you signed up! 4=Download Discord if you can and join our server Discord.overdosed.net. Your recruiter can help you get signed up there, -Otherwise: 5=If you do not have Discord, please provide a desired account name and an email here so your recruiter can finish the process of recruitment. 6=Account name should not have more than 12 letters ending with (OD) in caps. 12 letters max will allow for multiple accounts ending with (OD)1 etc. 7=Once you are signed up, your recruiter will give you a password. Go to Overdosed.net now to login and change your PW to something you'll remember. 8=Promotions are automatic every 7 days up to staff sergeant. After that it will be up to your peers and leaders to promote you based off performance and activity. 9=Clan OD keeps track of all our members past and present. Our website Overdosed.net contains info on our rules and members. 10=We have a forum site as well, you will need to make account there too using same name. You can find it by clicking forum tab from Overdosed.net website. Make a post there introducing yourself. 11=Now its time to make your new D2 account. Character names need to be formatted like this: OD-yourname. Ok now bring your new character back to this channel OP Sassy so you can set up your player profile. 12= Right click on your character and in the description add this info: Recruiter: "Your recruiter's name" then press enter and type Date Recruited: "today's date" press enter then type Rank: Recruit. Then press ok.
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