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  1. That lucky @snicker66(OD)got an invite to be in the alpha testing!
  2. Interest is key. We don't want bots everywhere just because we can have them. If people don't use them, then bye bye bot LOL
  3. Very tough decision made with intelligence and grace! Just what I would expect of an up and coming Commander. <3
  4. Looks like you've got all top people involved. Good job!
  5. Thank you for taking the time to post an evaluation Rose. I know it is time consuming and frustrating at times answering questions and reading critiques. First, I want to say I have seen a definite improvement in the tenor of your comments on threads on the forum. It is obvious that you take your time to read what others write and then put your own spin on issues. There are some areas that I have questions for you on. Social Media forum posts started by you. 10/14/18 - a post made stated you had started streaming 5/18/19 - a post made in the Admin/Division forum with
  6. Thank you for the eval Rick, awesome job as always. I have enjoyed getting to know you as we work together as co-leads of the largest OD division. I've come to value your judgment and input on the many issues and challenges facing us in a 20 year old game. Plus, we both know that D2ers are stubborn and dislike change so it can be challenging at times. You, my friend, rise to the challenge. I have seen you settle disputes many times just through your calm demeanor. Even though your main game in D2 is hardcore, you are usually the first one to jump into events, even if they softcore. Then
  7. It was a lot of fun although I only got to play three games and then had to go. I sure hope nobody was offended when I let loose with that cuss word after Badboi took my queen the big butthead.
  8. Believe it or not there are other colors besides purple, however, to honor @MooMoo(OD)who donated all these SCL runes to the Clan I am using blue for a minute anyway. 2 zod 3 cham 7 Lo 10 Jah 9 ohm 11 vex 6 ber 7 sur 9 ist 13 pul 7 um 8 mal So my thought is to have a rune word making challenge or contest using these or whatever runes you'd like me to get from JSP during the last two months of this ladder. Rules 1. Make a new SCL toon, get it g-rushed or c-rushed (I have quite a few unused bumpers) or just level it however
  9. I totally agree that there cannot be a blanket rule. I appreciate you taking the time to respond so fully to my questions Terra. Here's a minor suggestion for you! Since we have great flexibility on Discord, perhaps when you start a new game, change the name of the channel from "Gamers Lounge" to whatever new game you are playing.
  10. @PureSkoomaODwinz BUT he has to organize the event mentioned in his idea LOL Need your jsp account to send you the fg. @Chanter(OD)winz second place 75 fg ... need your jsp account. @Redvaine(OD)winz third place 50 fg and you CAN'T give it to Jared LOL just kidding, give me an account name to send your fg. Honorable mention to @TypeReaL(OD)for creativity but he's way too violent lol @CompFreak(OD)gets a slap with a wet noodle for trying to circumvent the contest rules and used that dirty word in the process lmao
  11. JD, JD, JD the unparalleled King of Discord. You are quick to respond to any requests for help on Discord to some of us that haven't delved quite so deeply into the background. I for one, just want it to work when I want it to work lol so I definitely appreciate your expertise. One of the questions I asked Terra, I would also like to put to you. This is a gaming community bottom line. Sometimes it feels like we have become too fixated on the administrative side of things and you are up for promotion to a 3 star, which is even more administrative. 1. Do you feel tha
  12. I was one of those who argued so emotionally with you during this situation. I was appalled that you were re-opening a discussion after a vote was taken and the majority went against what you felt was best for the Clan. It wasn't the issue I was arguing so strenuously for, it was the voting system and what I felt was unfair intimidation by a Commander to force another vote. Luckily for the Clan you were persistent. I came to realize you weren't trying to intimidate anybody. You strongly felt that we did not have all the facts nor did we give the matter as much thought as we should have be
  13. I agree with Terra I don't know if I would want to play the games but I'll come and chat with everybody for a few minutes anyway.
  14. Awesome awesome job Ashley! So happy that you took on the torch and did such a great job I look forward to seeing the next awards in August. You definitely get the purple Star award from me. Now you can hand out the medals for member of the month if they have one available and if you have edit rights you can include these winners in the all-inclusive list. @Redvaine(OD)
  15. There is an awesome new video posted on the overdose.net homepage provided by @Blindas the members of the wow division killed their main monster guy. I plan to post that on Facebook later today when I'm at the computer unless somebody else can do it now. Thanks for the entry chanter!!
  16. No idea is too crazy to propose. Be creative. Think outside the box! Contest starts today and ends on Wednesday, March 24th. Prizes to be awarded: First place: 150 fg Second place: 75 fg Third place: 50 fg If you don't use JSP you can designate your winnings to be re-used for another contest or it can be given to another member. You say what is the idea contest? Any proposed idea of a change that benefits the Clan. It can be a contest idea itself, it can be an idea that changes the way the Clan operates, it can be a Discord idea, it can
  17. Welcome, welcome, welcome! We love new people no matter what game they play. I see you have picked D2 as your main game. Just give me a shout out on Purplez(OD) if I can help you on anything.
  18. I suggest in honor of JuJu it should be "The Shizzz" lol
  19. We've talked many times on Discord and in game. Wonderful to have you here. Happy you found your way onto the forum. If I can help with anything, just let me know Welcome to the Clan!
  20. Right click on your name on Discord and "unhide" channels.
  21. Sorry I missed it, sounds like everybody had a good time though.
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