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  1. Haha doing the "bump and grind" to move this post up to the top!
  2. Haha doing the "bump and grind" to move this post up to the top!
  3. Way to go you guys. Sorry I couldn't make it!
  4. Thanks Nicole, I added your date chosen as paid. 🙂
  5. I sent you a message on JSP to make sure I found the right person. Once you respond, I'll send the prize and take the 10 fg from it.
  6. I'll send you the fg today! Gratz again.
  7. It has been my privilege to get to know you as a friend since you returned to the Clan. You offer so much to the Clan and give freely of your skills and insights. I watch your streams sometimes and just shake my head that anybody understands all that coding stuff, but that is not my forte at all. I respect your ability to be able to do that. It's also been fun learning about your home life with your children and wife and how devoted you are to them and how strict you are on setting time away from the computer to be with them. To me is shows you know where your priorities are.
  8. I think you are doing amazing work here Chanter. I just wish I had more time to participate. You are a great guy and chess is so much fun! Good luck.
  9. Very impressive first evaluation Zak. For only being in the Clan for just over a year, you sure have made your presence known in a good way. Kudos to you for all that effort. You play many games which shows that you are versatile. You also have your head in the right place, being strict that college HAS to come first before anything. I noticed that you did a great job recruiting 11 members, but sadly like so many of our recruits, mine included, only 2 are still active. What do you think you could have done differently to encourage those members to stay? You consist
  10. RadarRick and Splitzzz have paid so their dates are confirmed. @DutchCraft(OD)I can't confirm your date unless you send me 10 fg OR I can take 10 fg off the 150 event win you and Splitzzz just tied on. Let me know.
  11. Splitzzz already told me you both win! The contest was a tie, just send me your JSP account so I can send you your winnings. Also, are there any runewords you want or need?
  12. It's that time again. LADDER RESET usually occurs every six months or so, which means it's time for the reset lottery. Truthfully nobody really knows the date until Blizzard announces it. So I thought a lottery contest would be fun to try and predict the date. I will start the prize pot off at 200 fg. You can enter as many times as you want, but you must pay 10 fg per date entry to me to hold until the actual date is announced by Blizzard. Each date entry can only be picked once. You may not edit that date post, but you can choose another date by putting up another 10 fg.
  13. That is awesome! Did you and @DutchCraft(OD)tie for the fg prize? What other rune word do you want?
  14. This is an internet picture I found of what my computer set up actually looks like BUT the bottom one is what I dream mine will one day look like LOL
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