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  1. I applaud the effort JD, but I will have to respectfully decline. I'm not really into group movie watching but thank you for offering <3.
  2. @RadarRick(OD) @Shark(OD) @ZBTtarget(OD)@JR(OD) @Sabby(OD) @MooMoo(OD) @BayButcher(OD) @JuJu(OD) @BabyStewie(OD) The Monopoly rolling on Tuesday and Thursdays is now suspended. There will be no more rolling. However, the highest level part of the contest will continue until 5/31 as planned, with 150 fg to the winner. Thanks to all for participating in the board part. It was fun, but most are not even showing up for the rolling now, so time to stop that part.
  3. ZbtTarget and JuJu both pass GO and get 50 fg JuJu (through RadarRick who rolled for him) sent Stewie back to go Stewie (through Radarrick who rolled for him) then went back and went to Community Chest Stewie (through Radarrick who rolled for him) sent the message to @Badboi(OD) I did this very happily LMAO
  4. Purplez(OD)

    Reset Guide

    Hi there Rob, did you need to be recruited to the Clan? I don't find a hidden_g(OD) in the member roles. If so, just let one of us know. We'd love to have more members!
  5. Looking forward to reset as well. I'll definitely be around, just not sure where haha but Purple will be visible!
  6. Welcome back! If you find yourself on D2, just hit me up on Purplez(OD).
  7. That was just mean Nick including that picture of the snake at the bottom *smack* lol but nice t-shirt and nice fish.
  8. Reset is a fun time for everybody. Historically it's a mad rush to get leveled, then concentrate on gear. Here's what I know will happen. @Froggie420(OD) will be making a shared Crush sorc and allowing officers the use to help rush clan members. I always set up the "clan mules" available to Warrant Officers 2 and above, but that always starts slow. I also start with a Pally to be my worker bee to help rush clan members. You will see "reset teams" posts or talks about on this forum. Furthermore, @SuNSeT posted this reset guide link: https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68827-reset-guide/ If you are wanting your own Discord channel you can go about this two ways. If you donate $$ to the Clan via the website donate button, you are entitled to a MVP private Discord channel which you name and control (i.e. set password and limit entry) OR a temporary channel can be set up just for reset, but it will be open to all, which is the same way our regular channels work. I am sure others will contribute more answers to your post.
  9. Updated board. Rick got a community chest and kicked JR back to GO and then Rick got to re-roll cuz he had doubles so he winz 50fg.
  10. @Rich(OD) is the winner. Blizzard announced today that reset will be June 5th. 270 fg being sent. Gratz to Jason and thanks to everybody for playing!
  11. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/t/diablo-ii-ladder-reset-june-5th/7363
  12. It is official. Ladder reset for June 5th. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/t/diablo-ii-ladder-reset-june-5th/7363
  13. May 19th roll results in Purplez sitting in jail JR passes GO and gets 50fg Stewie gets a get out of jail free card Purplez got that Chance card Purplez got sent to jail
  14. @WWIII(OD) Qi(OD) has been volunteering during this pandemic and hasn't had time to play D2. He gave me about 4-5 full toons of SCL gear. I put the gear on a separate account for you WWIII and will give you the account info and password when I see you on line. So huge thank you to you both! @Qi(OD)
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