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  1. Thanks to generous donations by many members, most recently @Trump(OD) who donated several torches. First come first serve, I've a short list of just the torches. So many generous members have donated, I should have kept a list to give them the recognition they deserve. You know who you are though and you have my thanks ❤️ No stats, you get what you get. Torches available include: druid, sin, barb, zon, necro
  2. I could have the names mixed up, but I believe @PoPs(OD) created this squad with @NOob(OD) It would be awesome to have more squads, and I'm sure if you are all playing this game, it will only make it better.
  3. According to a few of the guys, Tuudesire, CotDaniel, Shade, and others have had an ez time of pking the imposter bot. It's just sad that the person is so immature they have to make an account in my name and make the games with "OD" in front of them.
  4. ©in Purple just in case the forum lawyer visits again LOL
  5. Very easy contest to play! 100 fg prize! First person to post a screenshot of all the scavenger items in their stash winz! Contest starts today and ends when somebody posts a ss of all items to find! ITEMS TO FIND: 1. 4 purple juvs any size 2. 3 purple gems any size 3. 1 cracked sash 4. 1 unique item of any kind 5. 1 rare or yellow item of any kind 6. 1 antler for a druid 7. 1 small charm 8. 1 grand charm 9. 1 el rune RULES: 1. Must make new level 1 character with nothing on it. You can either do this in SC or HC. You cannot bring items from another character. All scavenger items must be self found. 2. Must have a second person (or as many as you want) person in game with you to verify items. You can also join my chant games and I'll be your voucher. 3. Must post a screen shot of scavenger inventory of items. First person to complete the scavenger hunt and post the screenshot of items WINS everything! Good luck and have fun scavenging!
  6. Purplez(OD)


    Hi there and welcome back! How are you liking Michigan? If I can help on D2, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD). I almost always have a bumper or 2. We also have gear on the clan mules ... nothing uber, it all helpful stuff.
  7. I'm still enjoying D2, however, I did post your message on our Facebook page!
  8. My apologies as I had fully intended to play chess this evening. I had computer troubles when I went to sign on in time for the chess games, at least I thought it was my computer. Through trial and error and major frustration, it was my computer monitor, so now I am using a tv LOL everything is HUGE. Anyway, I'll be there for the next one hopefully.
  9. Paid! Thanks for entering ❤️
  10. Of course you won! Just let me know which 2 runes you want. ❤️
  11. Thanks so much Vitas, much appreciated ❤️ Runes given.
  12. Wowsa Sporkzz that's some purple stuff! Which runes do you want lol?
  13. Thanks for the quick response! You have my plus one.
  14. Welcome to the evaluation process Aaron. I know you have the skills and integrity as well as massive game skills to be a welcome member of the general ranks. Here's my questions: Last December you quit the Clan for a week before being re-instated. What have you focused on within the Clan to change whatever made you leave during that short period of time? You spend alot of your TS time in the "PVP" channel. Do you see a separation between the PVP players and the rest of the D2 players, and if so, what do you think can be done to bring the D2 members together?
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