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  1. Billy, you have been an outstanding active member since I joined in 2017. Your recruitment abilities are awesome as well as your people skills. Now here you are sharing your personal life with us with honesty and integrity. It shows the caliber of person you are. That being said, here's a couple of questions for you. I'm sure you have noticed the lack of activity by quite a few of our officers, no names mentioned. What, if anything, do you think should be done? Should there be consequences? Why do you think Clan OD has survived as long as it has and do you have any thoughts on what can be done to further it's longevity? Good luck on your evaluation!
  2. I was helping a friend in need so had to miss the meeting, sorry everybody!
  3. You can add your stream name to your profile on Overdosed.net. Just go to your console, admin, then change profile and add it there. Also, there is a streaming channel on Discord where you can post it. Happy streaming!
  4. I'm still playing both D2 and POD ... hoping against hope that Blizzard will fix D2 my main love. I've started an account list of current D2 OD members playing POD on Discord under the D2-West chat since POD keeps erasing the friend list.
  5. Posting on FB and the D2 channel announcement bot! I'm hoping to be able to attend. On a side note, in my opinion, while the forum is not for everyone, it does serve many uses as a repository for training guides, discussions and debates on issues, as well as a way to connect. Anything added to Discord can as serve part of the forum's usefulness and would be a great addition to the forum, not instead of it.
  6. Alright all you D2 players or anybody with a Battlenet account. It's time to push Battlenet to see what a group of determined players can do. Make it your absolute daily mission to send a support ticket to Battlenet once a day or as often as you can. Tell them how much you hate the game lines, how much you hate not being able to chat in game. It is time to step up and take the time to do this!!! Here's the link: https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/product/legacy
  7. People will always find ways to cheat. I just ignore them and enjoy the game. I still totally suck at it but it makes me laugh. I played with @Jiraiya(OD) the other day and he is pretty good.
  8. Purplez(OD)


    I won't say good bye Kevin since I know you will still be coming around. You add such a unique flavor to any game you choose to play, as well as providing your unvarnished opinion. I do hate to see you leave again, but totally understand it. I'm always up to game with you, just give me a shout. Take care my friend!
  9. https://www.popsugar.com/family/cooking-with-cade-baking-cookies-with-nana-video-47769124
  10. Wow Grey! You must have stayed up all night to finish this lol Yesterday was a day for firsts for you ... first time on Discord and now first time winning the Scavenger hunt. Congrats. Send me your JSP account information please. Consolation prize to @BayButcher(OD) 50 fg cuz I mean 9 hours!!! OMG Great effort Lynnie ❤️
  11. Very easy contest to play! 100 fg prize! First person to post a screenshot of all the scavenger items in their stash winz! Contest starts today and ends when somebody posts a screen shot of all items to find! You can enter this contest either as a HC or SC toon. ITEMS TO FIND: 1. 4 purple juvs any size 2. 3 purple gems any size 3. 1 cracked sash 4. 1 unique item of any kind 5. 1 rare or yellow item of any kind 6. 1 antler for a druid 7. 1 small charm 8. 1 grand charm 9. 1 el rune RULES: 1. Must make new level 1 character with nothing on it. You can either do this in SC or HC. You cannot bring items from another character. All scavenger items must be self found. 2. You are on your honor as a Clan OD member that you Find the items yourself and they are not bought or transferred from another toon. 3. Must post a screen shot of scavenger inventory of items. First person to complete the scavenger hunt and post the screenshot of items WINS everything! Good luck and have fun scavenging! https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/63354-how-to-take-screen-shots/?tab=comments#comment-831055
  12. Life's journey can be painful and heartbreaking that's for damn sure. You have invested so much of yourself in the Clan and given so much. Of course, you will make the Hall of Fame with 314 recruits. I doubt anybody will ever exceed that major accomplishment. I know you will make many memories for yourself and your grandchildren. They are lucky to have you in their life. Take care of yourself too though. And, yes, we need you to keep dropping by Discord with that crazy English accent. I wish you only the very best!
  13. Very generous of you Kevin!
  14. Gratz on the 4th e, you've cornered the market and left no e's for the rest of us *sob* lol
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