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    Spreading the love of the color purple! I also love to read, swim, play D2 and gamble.

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  1. Hi there Hyperbane! Welcome to a fun gaming community. I've seen you popping in and out of the clan channel on D2. If I can help with anything, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD). We also have some useful gear on the clan mules if you are in need. I've added your twitch link to our streaming forum! Here's a great guide that will help getting to know how the community works.
  2. I love druid bowling! I'll be there Purplez(OD)////smooches@jsp
  3. Awesome contest Drewg! I've added it to the D2 announcement bot in channel. Good luck to all who participate.
  4. Great picture dmon! Posting it on our Facebook page at Overdosed Gaming. Make sure you like the page and start posting hehe.
  5. Good luck Dave! Don't forget to post it on our Facebook page at Overdosed Gaming.
  6. You always do so much JR ❤️
  7. Welcome back Drewg! I hope all is well with you. Remember, if you log into channel Clan OD and make ODpk games the games will be advertised in the channel!
  8. Thank you ALL for participating. We all need reminders occasionally of things that are GOOD in our life versus focusing on the bad stuff. I'm choosing DarkGrey as the winner. Her story really touched my heart. @DarkGrey(OD) please let me know your JSP name so I can send you the prize!
  9. Congratulations to all the winners of the Clan Awards - May 2019!!
  10. Nice Morgoth 🙂 You should post these on our Clan Face book: https://www.facebook.com/OverdosedGaming/
  11. Gotta pick another date! These dates already taken. 5/21 membership paid 5/28 membership paid 6/4 dmon paid 6/5 Sunset paid 6/6 Sunset paid 6/7 JR paid 6/8 Noob aka DVScott paid 6/11 dmon paid 6/14 JR paid 6/28 Hari paid 6/30 Hari paid
  12. 3800811ca7a8e6ea49a828f8d07843ca--happy-new-year-quotes-new-years-quotes.jpg.75b279ca8e0b9ebcf32b81a7791415f3.jpg

    1. Redvaine(OD)


      Challenge Accepted :)

    2. Purplez(OD)


      Thanks Ashley!  Hope others start doing it as well.

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