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  1. ROFL I look forward to your matches then.
  2. Is that how you see yourself in the tournament? XD
  3. It may come down to that. At the moment we have 4 tanks, 1 healer, and 1 undecided signed up.
  4. Hey there folks. I have started signups for a 1v1 PvP tournament. The deadline for signups is 4/15 at 10 p.m. CDT. The Tournament will take place over a period of time. Once I have all the entries Sunday night I will make the brackets and let everyone know who they will be facing. The Participants will then have 1 week to arrange a time and day for them to meet up in the wolves den for their match. If you let me know of the day and time I will try my best to be there to be a Referee that way no one can dispute the outcome. The only rules is that ring-outs do not count. If a person pushes someone out of the ring they will automatically lose. So in the best interest of either accidentally or being tricked into pushing someone out, stay away from the entrance of the arena. And the Infinite Bahamut glitch is not allowed obviously. Prizes will be awarded to the top four players. All prizes will come from the mogstation. Depending on how many people participate will determine how much each place will receive. So if you're interested let me or another officer know, and tell them which class you will be using. Good luck to all participants!
  5. That's awesome! Thank you @Sarnith I will definitely need some help to begin with XD
  6. I may be moving here soon because of my job to a place that has way better internet, if i do I plan on starting to stream playing FFXIV and do my best to help promote OD to everyone I can attract to my channel.
  7. That was going to be my next step. Just wanted to get at least one other person's opinion on it before i did. ^_^
  8. What do you guys think about trying to hold a 1v1 PvP event in the Wolves Den? Hadn't really asked around but it seems a few people have been going there so I think it would be an event to consider. Thoughts?
  9. This is a list of what all remaining materials we need for the project Oak Lumber x24 Spruce Lumber x9 Treated Spruce Lumber x12 Ancient Lumber x20 Steel Nails x24 Steel Joint Plate x30 Darksteel Ingot x26 Wolfram Ingot x18 Garlond Steel x36 Uraeus Leather x24 Wyvern Leather x8 Farreach Canvas x18 Rose Gold Ingot x5 Varnish x7 Void Glue x9
  10. Glad to know what is expected of me now. I feel like I do most of what is. Except the forums part. I just don't see that many threads that i have an opinion on the subject that is being discussed.
  11. Yea if you're definitely having a bad day, you should hangout with her. No matter what she'll have you laughing in no time ^_^ Welcome to OD Kyra.
  12. IT'S PANDA TIME!!!!!!! I LOVES HIM SO!!!!!!!!
  13. So apparently all of that is untradeable.......At this point......just surprise me........
  14. So apparently I can't edit that anymore lol. But I would like any of these: Zantetsuken, Hjalmr, Herklaedi, or Sleipnir Barding
  15. The five things i would like would be Twintania mount, twintania mount, twintania mount, twintania mount, and also the twintania mount :P LOL JK I know i can't get that T_T I honestly don't know. Just anything Dragoon related that looks awesome? If i think of anything i'll edit and add it.
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