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  1. kk then that's what i need to get lol
  2. ok well what ever it is wont let me log into the game, it says "i don't have a game pass", is that what you're referring to?
  3. hey i just wanted to let you all know i'm currently out of time and it'll be a while til' i get more
  4. sry i didn't notice lol i'm on atm if anyone else is?
  5. i've been trying to reach anyone in the BDO guild for an invite, my toons name is Ebon_Spectre
  6. W.O.W. when i have time added but the OD Clan there disintegrated and tried and failed to restart several times and always on a different server then where it was so nothing for OD there atm for me. i also play or played: PoE for a bit, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online... but will not return there, D2 and currently D3 when the seasons begin but only to get the rewards then i lose interest, SWToR... i am in the OD clan there but unless there's something new to do i don't really log on cause playing solo gets boring real fast and others are never on though they tell me they are lol just my luck i guess, DC Universe Online but again boring to play alone, and currently i'm playing either SAO: Fatal Bullet or MTG Arena which i just started. i would like to do more with the clan but i seem to not be where everyone else is lol
  7. hey i sent you a friend request on battle net "Demandred#1961", i play on the "Ghostlands" server and am not sure if i can be invited but figured i'd try
  8. once again i now have all the datacrons lol
  9. lol nvm i had to go to my ship's mission terminal and pick up the Ossus quest
  10. lol i asked cause the story line had not appeared like the knights storyline and i'm also stuck with a quest on iokath, makes me wonder if i need to finish that to get Ossus? i'm on the Empire side and no others ever comes on i assume you all play alliance?
  11. hey do i have to be a subscriber to do the Ossus storyline?
  12. i would like to thank "Dagus" for helping me power level and get some paragon levels as well, you're awesome!
  13. with the W.o.W. part of the clan not even a thing anymore i'm at a lose as to where to post this inquiry, but i figured i'll try one last effort to find anyone still playing W.o.W., either from the old division/squad or just someone that still plays the game. i play on the "Ghostlands" Server as Horde and on the "Stormrage" Server as Alliance. i'm interested in running dungeons, old content for transmogs or achievements, mount runs or just in general helping each other with whatever needs done (quest, leveling etc.). if interested you can message me on the forums or in-game, my Battletag is "Demandred#1961".
  14. sry it's late i know but on discord or in game?
  15. yeah on ghostlands server horde and stormrage server for alliance
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