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  1. Is anyone familiar with jsp prices that can give me an estimate on what these toons are worth?
  2. I really only play with my mf hdin and my light sorc so I was considering selling 3 of my toons if anyone is interested. Not really sure what I should expect as far as fg on jsp. But here are my characters I'm selling. Necro: Shako - 135 (Ist) Mara's - 2/5/25 White Grim Wand - +3PnB/+3BoneSpirit/+3PoisonNova/+2Bone Spear/+4SkeletonMastery/+3Bone Armor Enig DS - 1297/13ED Homun - 312/2/2/30 (Um) Trangs - 74Def SOJ BK Arac's - 128Def Marrows - 191Def CTA - 4/6/4 Spirit - 35/55 Torch - 18/20 Anni - 14/16/10 4x PnB Gc's (2 with life) 4x +5Res Sc's 4x +5FHR Sc's Merc - Eth Andy(Ral)/Eth Insight/Eth Fort AP Druid: Green Sun Spirit - 191/+2Druid/10FCR/+3Tornado/+3Twister/+20Life/+38CR/+14LR/+14FR/+14PR Mara's - 2/5/28 Hoto - 40FCR/7%/AllRes +39 Enig MP - 1068/+15ED Spirit x2 - 35FCR/55FHR Trangs - 72Def Arach's - 136/20FCR Treks - 174 BK x2 CTA - 5/6/4 Torch - 3/18/19 Anni 15/17/10 4x Elemental Lifer Gc's 2x FHR Sc's 6x +5FHR/+5AllRes Merc - Eth Andy's (Ral)/Eth Insight/Eth Fort AP Sin: Shako - 141 Mara's - 2/5/28 Chaos Suwayyah - +2ShadowMaster/+3Venom/+2MindBlast Fury Suwayyah - +3Venom/+2BladeShield/+1MindBlast Enig DS - 1300 15ED Trangs - 74Def Arac's - 136Def Shadow Dancer - 128Def Ravenfrost +40 SOJ CTA - 4/6/3 Spirit - 35FCR/55FHR Torch - 3/18/19 Anni - 19/15/10 4x Trap/Lifers 14x +5Res Sc's 4x +5FHR Sc's Merc - Eth Andy's (Ral)/Eth Infinity/Eth Fort AP
  3. Yeah I'm about lvl 12 but I also got rushed and I spent 2 days on jsp buying gear lol. I realized the gear is more expensive cause it's rare so no runewords. I actually paid 1500fg just for the armor itself. But when you see it you will know why. I still have all my other quests to do though and cant use any of the gear until I'm high level anyway.
  4. Ok so when ladder resets I'm gonna make a light sorc first and then another hdin. Both of these will be mf chars and instead of spending money I plan to find stuff on my own and SELL it to MAKE money lol. I'm also gonna devote myself to not making any other toons until I have for once reached lvl 99 with both of them.
  5. Thanks to @JR(OD) and @SoByakusho(OD) I decided to try something new and a little bit different then what I'm used too. I decided to make a d2 character on classic. I haven't played classic since expansion came out and I had no idea how different it really is. I have 5 expansion characters on ladder and I spent a good amount of money gearing them all. Once ladder restarts in a couple of months I plan to keep playing those toons on nl same as my newly made classic character. I've never gotten a toon past lvl 91 so I would like to eventually get them all to lvl 99 but doubtful. I think something else I plan to do when ladder resets is make a new expansion char on ladder and actually just walk the way it was initially intended. In the meantime it would be nice to have a couple of OD members to walk classic with because one of the things I noticed is that not very many people play sccl. Once ladder resets I'm sure it will be even less people to play sccnl but I would like to continue playing my classic char on non ladder if anyone else would still be interested in doing that with me. Hit me up and let me know. I've already got a pally started and pretty good on gear just gotta lvl and walk. Not yet sure on what kind of expansion ladder char I'm gonna make when ladder resets but I've always best played an hdin and I want my first char to be my main mf char so I will either go light sorc or hdin haven't really decided yet.
  6. Last chance if anyone needs any of the following gear before I donate to mule. Hit me up. x5 Eth 4os Hellforge Plate 1100+ #1 CTA Flail - 3/5/4 #2 CTA Flail - 2/5/2 #3 CTA Flail 6/4/2 #4 CTA CS - 4/3/4 #1 Spirit Monarch - 31fcr/108mana #2 Spirit Monarch - 31fcr/107mana #3 Spirit Monarch - 25fcr/111mana #4 Spirit Monarch - 25fcr/106mana
  7. I don't even know what purpose star ratings serve. I'm still pretty new to jsp. Trying to get 1k for $10 or 1.5k for $15.
  8. GamerGoth(OD)

    Fg 4 Jsp

    I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to sell me some fg or if someone has another way of getting it because buying directly from jsp is just such a ripoff. Please PM me.
  9. GamerGoth(OD)

    GG 4 Mule

    I keep trying to catch someone when they are online and can access the mule cause I have some stuff to donate. If anyone is interested in an eth 4os hellforge plate 1100+ to make a good fort I have 5 of them I need to get rid of. Also have an eth upped bartuc's 200ED socketed with a Zod if anyone needs for their sin. It goes great paired with a chaos. Let me know.
  10. What about for shields to replace spirit monarch?
  11. I meant for non ladder lol. Both Infinity and Insight are ladder only.
  12. Ladder reset isn't too far away. I've put a lot of time and money into my 5 toons and I plan to continue playing them on non ladder for a while before I start a new ladder character. So I'm just wondering with some of the best items being ladder only what you guys would consider to be the best alternative to these items. Spirit Monarch Infinity Insight Fortitude I was thinking eth botd and eth coh but I want to hear others opinions.
  13. GamerGoth(OD)


    If you use jsp feel free to add me my username is GamerGoth. Thanks!
  14. Oh hell no. I just made a better chaos and fury lol. She is gonna own my light sorc and hdin lol.
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