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  1. Thank you for posting this, I hope we have a few more players turn up.
  2. I had started a new topic on server selection but that's when we had horde majority I'll have some thinking to do since the poll now shows alliance favor, ... hmmm either way I believe we will be playing on Fearlina it seems like the feedback i got was mostly that people don't care where they play. Also, 6 days left. HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!!
  3. Only 8 days left until launch! get your votes in now or forever have no voice!
  4. Moving along with our classic wow discussion, this is the 3 best options for our community, as we are spread out this will offer the better ping among a wider demo-graph. Keep your eyes peeled for the next questions!
  5. Save your 3 names on these 3 servers if you're into name saving that is. we will decide which realm we will play on soon. Im just trying to find out the location of the servers but they might all be the same. Name Type Time Zone Faerlina PvP Eastern Herod PvP Eastern Thalnos PvP Eastern
  6. It looks like horde are in the lead so your wish will come true! I do not have footage but I'm still in the retail guild. although its pretty lonely now a days.... And Agreed horde > Alliance ! Now we just have to wait and see what kind of servers there gonna release for us.
  7. very cool, get them to vote if you can get ahold of them!
  8. So far the horde are winning where is the alliance representation!
  9. Looking to poll members to see what kind of members we have for the upcoming release of WoW classic!
  10. OoT(OD)

    Season 17

    When does the server start and how can i find someone to group with, im not in the clan im from the POE division..... I would like to make a witch doctor in softcore
  11. Civilization 5-6 Company of heroes 2 Path of exile diablo 1-2-3 world of warcraft, warcraft 2-3 star craft 1-2 clash of clans (mobile game) counter strike 1.6, Source and G.O. killing floor 1-2 league of legends call of duty's modern warfare 2-3, black ops 1-2 command and conquer tiberian sun, red alert 1-2-3 command and conquer 3 tiberian wars dune 2000 saints row 3-4 team fortress 2 terraria minecraft heroes of might and magic 1 to 7 I have tons more games but these are the ones i can remember and have great memorys on, my current game is path of exile but im a huge RTS fan. been playing those since 97 or 98 on my dial up modem. I mostly play what ever my friends play now, but I'm making new friends all the time!
  12. Hi there, i just started playing POE also, its been about 2 weeks and I'm liking it but I would say there is a huge learning curve and I'm only scratching the surface... That said I was sort of rushed through the game and I missed the story and I kind of wanna go back and make a new character to experience it in a much slower pace if that's something you're interested in I'd love to learn the game with you. If you're looking to get to end game ASAP maybe you should talk to chknwng1 or triny because I wont be any help with that department.
  13. I'm interested in participating, is there a specific start time on the 19th? That way it's sort of a fair start for the "race" to first game clear? Also by the name description you have there, does it mean i have to name myself ODC_ODAlexidax? or is the ODC part of the clan name? Meaning I would only put ODAlexidax and being in the clan shows the starting? Maybe it's a noob question but I'm not understanding it 100%.
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