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  1. Outstanding!!! You're at the top of the hill PoPs, no wonder you're always looking down on your lawn and yelling at people =D. Cheers mate have a good one!
  2. Hackz(OD), You can have first dibs to my NL character's gear after reset :). I will be keeping my priv acc NL and remaking my OD acc toons once Ladder resets. I will have 5 complete gear-sets to include Mercenary gear. The characters are as follows: Hdin, Windy, Trapsin, Javazon and a Smiter. Just let me know after reset brohiem. V/R Aleos(OD)
  3. He is an outstanding runner and gamer! He's also boasting a 100% recruitment rating I.E "ME" :) well done my friend, well done!
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