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  1. TXcold(OD)

    new game?

    found it now how do i find you?
  2. TXcold(OD)

    new game?

    where do i download the game...i will take a look
  3. TXcold(OD)

    US East NL

    I have several NL items I do not use, so if you play NL let me know and I will give you what you want if I have it.
  4. Congrats.....hope ya'll make it to 32 years like us....
  5. Good luck to you in your studies...glad you have time to relax with old OD friends and us new ones that recently joined. Hope to get to know you.
  6. I am willing to help with Law Enforcement, Haz Mat, or Arson Investigation. I also have some limited in experience in Mental Health training for Law Enforcement. Let me know....
  7. I am glad you got to see that famous run...I was lucky to see Earl Campbell run over the Raiders....but as far as uniforms...the Oregon Tron Duck uniform is the worst.
  8. Welcome to the clan....your February is like my May. A 1 year old is enough to keep everyone busy. Gaming doe help us to relax.
  9. I think your post is a great way to point out things both in real life and gaming life. It opened my eyes to OD a little more clearly. Thanks because it did take time to write it out.
  10. Hi and welcome...I'm new here too, hope you decide to load D2 and we can game together sometime...
  11. Me too....neice got 16" in her house about 20 miles away, sister in law got 6" about 6 miles away...Thanks My town normally floods in certain rains, but city pumps keep it out of most of our homes. I live 5 miles from the gulf of mexico....the area flooded but God protected my house. Thanks for the welcome....meeting so many new friends.
  12. Hi I am TXcold(OD) and new to this great clan. I happened to come home sick from work today and found a recruiting game. I have been grushed and starting to level. If you can't guess-I live in the Great State of Texas and survived Hurricane Harvey. We were very lucky compared to a lot of other people. I will play as much as possible, my son got me started years ago and I have not stopped. If I can help I will do what I can....I'm old and slow but helpful. Hope to meet many more new friends and grow some more. Thanks for the invite...been looking for a new clan since my old one went away with non players anymore. My name is Steve.
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