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  1. I had purchased it years ago.. Says i need to put a key in.. But i dont have a key anymore..
  2. I have issues with sandboxie.. I purchased it years ago n could run 20 windows.. Now i can only run 2 b/c it was discontinued.. Ne insight on how i can run 3 on 1 pc?
  3. When i joined OD i was intimidated by you. But julie told me u were good ppls. She was right. Every problem ive had or issue ive dealth with you always were very helpful. Over the years i feel we have become friends online as well as irl. You do not play sides n are open to suggestions as well as ridicule. You keep the channel active (as a retired clan leader i know that entails a ton of energy and time) and you do it day in and day out.. I appreciate it if noone else does! On top of keeping the channel active you help me run the runs squad. Thx
  4. i failed to realize this is during the college football finals.. i will not be able to make it. sorry 😞
  5. Best thing about 2020 for me is 2021 not saying hold my beer...
  6. Hmm what to do.. Usually classic... But... I long to play with ppl. So sorc static/tele.
  7. U shoulda reminded us.. I plain forgot...
  8. You sure you dont just want to take an IA @MERICA(OD) ? If not best of luck bud!
  9. Just started this.. The lines pushed me.. I recommend if blizz doesnt fix d2 we convert the d2 division to this.
  10. Damn yall dropping like flies.. Ill miss ya kev. Look me up on fb. Best of luck to ya! Ps: in from ohio,usa.
  11. Julie @Sassy u cant leave. You r the number 1 reaaon ive stuck it out.. I am not abl e to read ur post while riding home.. Its so bumpy. But i lovevu girl u better keep in touch!
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